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*aaR is an acronym for the collective term as a Right. For example Education as a Right[1] or "Food as a Right" [2] etc. Hence the term X as a Right. Not be confused with *a.o.R, an acronym for as of Right [3].

XaaR is a collective term for a group of acronyms which represent the full list of human rights, as detailed in the Articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights [4]. This post-amble best compares to *aaS - an acronym for as a Service (e.g. X as a Service). For example Software as a Service(SaaS) or Platform as a Service(PaaS).

XaaR is an alternative point of reference and index for human rights, with the exception of inclusion of Internet as a Right (IaaR). The acronym IaaR (and later the collective term XaaR) arose as a consequence of a void left between Internet Access being considered a right by the United Nations [5] and the much anticipated changes to constitutional law, whereby access to internet is eventually expected to appear alongside clean air, water and food in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [6].

The XaaR model is specifically useful to prevent digression into politics within technical documents that discuss technocratic safeguards against human rights violations, for example Anonymity and Decentralized Autonomous Organization's. Social systems which are quickly becoming the new normal and surpassing traditional systems of governance, such as written rules and their physical enforcement.

XaaR also differentiates the Rights/ Freedoms of a Country from the Benefits/ Privileges of its society/ Regime. It's vitally important people differentiate between the two as we advance into a technocracy, since Benefits and Privileges can be lawfully afforded and revoked to members/ citizens by their elected authorities at anytime and for any number of reasons - whereas Rights and Freedoms are generally inherent, inalienable and asserted (or stripped from people), through means Political Pressure and/or Armed Force. [7]. Collective terms such as X as a Benefit and X as a Privilege, are also expected to appear online in the near future.


Examples include:

Topic Article
Life as a Right 3
Assembly & Association as a Right 20
Remedy as a Right 8
Movement & Residence as a Right 13
Personhood as a Right 6
Marriage & Family as a Right 16
Opinion & Expression as a Right 19
Public Service as a Right 21
Employment as a Right 23

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Internet is now considered an inherent and inalienable right by the United Nations. [8].

Topic Article
Internet as a Right N/A

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