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YOU Broadband India Private Limited is a broadband Internet service provider operating in India, based in Mumbai.[1] YOU Broadband provides broadband Internet access over hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) in over 13 cities in India[2] and has a customer base of over 600,000 residential and corporate customers. YOU Broadband is a part of the British Gas group. E V S Chakravarthy is CEO of YOU Broadband.[3]

Iqara Telecoms India, formerly with British Gas and now majority owned by Citigroup Venture Capital International,[3] has changed its name to You Telecom India. Now You Telecom is known as YOU Broadband India Private Ltd.


Set up in 2001 by British Gas as Iqara Broadband, YOU Broadband India Private Limited became a Citigroup Venture Capital International (CVCI) owned company in 2006.

YOU Broadband is a category ‘A’ ISP and India’s first ISO accredited broadband service provider. YOU offers Internet, voice and video services through cable modem platform to residential, SME and corporate customers in 12 cities.


The company has so far invested Rs. 4 billion on broadband cable infrastructure across 12 operational cities. The network has been put together by partnering with companies likes Motorola, Avvaya, Commscope, Cisco etc. YOU employs over 1400 people across 12 cities and plans to double up its talent base over the next two years


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YOU Broadband offers high-speed data, voice and video services through the Internet. Primarily, it offers high speed Internet services to residential, corporate and SME customers. For corporate and SME customers YOU offers dedicated leased line. It is the first private ISP to announce 2 Mbit/s plans in 2007 when Government made it mandatory for all ISPs to provide the service.

Triple Play/Convergence

It is one of the few companies along with the large telcos capable of offering Triple Play services. This means, through one connection customers can access broadband, make voice calls through Internet (VoIP) and watch videos (digital cable TV). YOU offers these services to individual customers in their residences and to corporates.


YOU’s Internet Telephony services (holds ITSP license) allows users to make International calls.

YOU is also one of the first to introduce IP phones in India. It is a fixed landline device that uses broadband connection instead of a telephone line to make calls.

Wireless (WiFi) broadband

YOU provides free WiFi services for travelers at the Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. YOU have installed Ruckus ZoneFlex 7300 series 802.11n smart Wi-Fi access points throughout the domestic and international terminals of the airport.[4]

Web Hosting Products

You Broadband has partnered with BigRock to provide web hosting.


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