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Zara Akbar (born 3 March 1984 in Sargodha, Pakistan) is a Pakistani film and stage-actress and dancer. She has starred in several Pakistani Television Dramas, Films and Stage Plays. She is a supporter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (a political party in Pakistan) Party[1], which she joined after the 2013 General Elections of Pakistan.


She began her career as a Child Star on PTV's Morning Shows. She debuted in PTV's Drama 'Sumbal' which got her real recognition[2]. Later in the 1990s she starred in the successful Television serial 'Aahan' which is based around the struggles and endeavours of Men in the Pakistani Army. Despite playing a minor role in 'Aahan' she was recognized for her performance. She later starred in PTV's 'Heer Waris Shah' alongside Television's biggest stars such as Ajab Gul and Tahira Wasti[3]. She has also acted in other PTV Drama's such as 'Tanha Tanha' and 'Doosri Aurat'[4].

During the 2000s, the young actress seemed to have been introduced herself in stage plays without any prior experience. However, people who are aware of the theater scene in Lahore[5] have been familiar with Zara's name for quite some time due to her appearance in a number of popular Lahore stage plays.

Political affiliation

In 2013 she announced to join Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) by leaving Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)[6]. Zara Akbar had political affiliation with PPP since 20 years but was not happy with the party’s policies after the death of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Due to which she has announced to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. She told during a special interview that PPP did nothing for people of country especially for artist. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto is my ideal and will remain till my death, she added. TV actress Zara Akbar said that PTI has greatly emerged today as prominently public power in the supervision of Imran Khan and I really hope that Imran Khan will play an active role in order to make a new Pakistan.

Television drama

Year Drama Title Channel
1990 Sumbal PTV Home
1992 Aahan PTV Home
1994 Heer Waris Shah PTV Home
1994 Tanha Tanha PTV Home
1995 Doosri Aurat PTV Home
1996 Man Chalay ka Sauda PTV Home
1998 Aik Muhabbat Ki Kahani PTV Home
2006 kharidar ATV
2012 Mil Ke Bhi Hum Na Mile Geo TV

Stage play

  • Jiddon Luk Nu
  • Doom
  • Wey Gujjara Wey
  • Tera Ishq NachaYea
  • Puck Gyan Umbian
  • Eik Wari Te Senay
  • Juppi Kutkay
  • Payar Di Gunderi
  • Tich Butona The Jori
  • Meri Pholan Wali Kurti
  • Kuchi Kali Hoon
  • KayRee KayRee Shea Teri
  • Tauba Tauba Kara Diti
  • Bilo Ni Tera Laal Ghagra
  • Juppi Kutkay
  • Punjabi Munde Lain Chuske


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