Zhong Xang Yajiaumo

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Zhong Xang Yajiaumo, also known as Tou Long Vaj or Yan Ju Muo, born on June 26, 1154, was the General of the Huang / Miao (also known as Hmong) people's rebellion during the 11th through the mid-12th centuries in Southern China against the Song Dynasty. He was born in the mountains in a Miao village and grew up hated by many of the villagers because he was poor and was an orphan. Instead of learning his culture's teachings, he studied swordsmanship and martial arts, and then defended his village from random attacks of the Chinese, (Xhua Liab).

When the Emperor ordered a sweep to take out the Miao people, many fled into deeper southern Asia; Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Those who stayed supported Zhong Xang with the war against the Chinese; in the first battle in the northern mountains of Huangshan, Zhong Xang led his people to victory. Stunned by this, the Emperor ordered more men to attack, but the second battle of Qin Xing was won by Zhong Xang as well.

At Haji Bay, Zhong Xang and his armies were ambushed and Yajiaumo almost died. He managed to survive with the help of the "Green Hmong" (Hmoob Gauws), who later agreed to help him fight.

In 1172, the Khong Ming of the Song surrendered and fled to the east. The Miao people then moved to the higher mountains to avoid future warfare.

In 1186, arrows lit with fire and yelling from the distance was heard as Chinese soldiers ravaged the mountains of Huangshan. Once again, the Miao was forced to fight.

Zhong Xang was appointed general and battle continued until 1208, when Zhong Xang's soldiers numbered less than 150,000. Before the battle, he gave a speech to the Miao People and asked them to help him in the battle; instead, 66% of the population of the Southern China region decided to leave, leaving him with less than 12,000 soldiers. Not surrendering, he plunged into an attack on the Chinese. He was outnumbered and his entire army was wiped out in less than 4 hours. Zhong Xang was caught and faced the Emperor.

He refused to willingly kneel before the Emperor, so his back-knees were cut by a knife, forcing him to kneel. Grabbing his sword, he plunged the grounds and forced himself to never bow down. The Emperor then grabbed his knife and plunged it into Zhong Xang's neck, causing him to bleed and die, in the winter of 1209. Almost a thousand years later, his remains were found and a statue was built in his memory.

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