Zombie World

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Zombie World is a 2016 short horror film.[1] The film was written and directed by Joe Duryea and starred Keegan Welch and Nick Meyer. The film was released on April 15, 2016 to generally positive reviews.


  • Keegan Welch as Steve
  • Nick Meyer as Max
  • Joe Duryea as Capt. Downey
  • Parker Bingham as Pvt. Steel
  • Riley Poore as Sgt. Stevens
  • Hunter Lamoreaux as Pvt. Rickles


The film started development in December of 2014. The film was originally going to start filming in June of 2015 for a October 2015 release. However due to trouble with the script filming was delayed to October 2015 for a April 29, 2016 release. Casting was also a troubled process. Two lead actors backed out of the film just days prior to filming.


Production finally began on November 6, 2015. However after two days of filming production was shut down for three weeks to change some plot points. Production resumed on November 20, 2015. Filming went smoothly after that and wrapped on February 11, 2016, one day ahead of schedule.


The film was originally scheduled to be released sometime in October of 2015. Though it was later delayed to April 29, 2016. Then it was delayed again to May 13, 2016. Then it was finally moved up to April 15, 2016.