Anwar Ghulam

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Anwar Ghulam is a Balochi Actor, Film-Maker and Social Activist, known for His Balochi films and his social activities, he is a well known celebrity in Balochistan and all across the Arabian Gulf region.


Ghulam was born in Balochistan, Mand. he grew up in Balochistan and then later moved to live in Bahrain. he is a Balochi Actor and Film-maker known for his work in Balochi film industry.


ghulam had huge love for Indian movies and specially Bollywood, that love influenced him to be an actor and to create a film in his mother language, so started his film Career with low budget film Tagani Tagi which was created by himself. He appeared in Hamal o Rahmat.


  • Maath the mother
  • Chiraag
  • Shohaz
  • Aas
  • Tagani Tagi
  • Tagani Tagi 2000
  • Armaan
  • Zoraak
  • Deshtar
  • Aadenk
  • Kareemdad Rahimdad
  • Begwah
  • Rahdarbar


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