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{{Infobox Software
| name = Augur
| logo = File:Augur white background.png
| screenshot =
| developer = Forecast Foundation OU
| latest release version =
| latest release date =
| latest preview version =
| latest preview date =
| repo = https://github.com/AugurProject/augur
| programming language = [[Solidity]] and [[JavaScript]]
| operating system =
| platform = [[Ethereum]]
| size =
| language = English
| genre = [[Prediction Market]] Platform
| license = [[Free software]] ([[GNU General Public License|GPL]])
| website = {{url|https://www.augur.net}}
'''Augur''' is a [[decentralized]] [[prediction market]] platform built on the [[Ethereum]] [[blockchain]] and the first [[decentralized application]] running on Ethereum to make headlines.<ref name="Internationl Business Times">{{cite_news|url=https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/ethereum-powered-augur-brings-its-beta-microsoft-azures-blockchain-cloud-1549630|title=Ethereum-powered Augur brings its beta to Microsoft Azure's blockchain cloud|date=2016-03-15|access-date=2019-11-28|website=[[International_Business_Times]]|language=en-US}}</ref> Augur is being developed by Forecast Foundation that was founded in 2014 by Jack Peterson and Joey Krug. Forecast foundation is being adviced by [[Intrade]] founder Ron Bernstein and [[Ethereum]] founder [[Vitalik Buterin]].<ref name="Bloomberg">{{cite news|url=https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-26/as-crypto-meets-prediction-markets-u-s-regulators-take-notice|title=As Crypto Meets Prediction Markets, Regulators Take Notice|last1=Leising|first1=Matthew|date=July 26, 2018|work=Bloomberg}}</ref> After a crowdfunding in August 2015,<ref name="foxnews" >{{Cite news|url=https://www.foxnews.com/tech/new-tech-promises-government-proof-prediction-markets|title=New tech promises government-proof prediction markets|last=Lott|first=Maxim|date=2015-08-20|work=Fox News|access-date=2018-12-02|language=en-US}}</ref> the project launched in July 2018.
Augur allows a user to create a prediction market.<ref name="fortune">{{cite web|url=http://fortune.com/2018/07/09/augur-coin-crypto-rep-vitalik-buterin/|title=Ethereum-Based Blockchain Betting Platform Augur Just Launched. Here's Why It's Not Married to Ether|last=Shen|first=Lucinda|date=2018-07-09|website=[[Fortune (magazine)|Fortune]]|access-date=2018-07-25}}</ref> Augur uses crypto tokens called Reputation (REP) to incentivize reporters on its network to back their reports with money (in the form of tokens).<ref name="Internationl Business Times"/> The reputation token holders are entitled to a percentage of the trading fees generated on the platform.<ref name="Internationl Business Times"/> Anyone can buy these tokens, which can be hard for the government to control because they operate similarly to bitcoin and can be owned anonymously.<ref name="foxnews"/>
Immediately after the site launched, users had created [[death pool]]s — or [[Assassination market|assassination markets]] — on famous people.<ref name="Bloomberg" /><ref name="MIT Review">{{cite news |last1=Orcutt |first1=Mike |title=This new blockchain-based betting platform could cause Napster-size legal headaches |url=https://www.technologyreview.com/s/611757/this-new-ethereum-based-assassination-market-platform-could-cause-napster-size-legal/ |work=MIT Technology Review |date=August 2, 2018 |language=en}}</ref>
Augur's user numbers dropped off sharply after launch in 2018: from 265 daily users in early July, to 37 on 8 August.<ref>{{Cite news|url=https://www.economist.com/finance-and-economics/2018/08/09/blockchains-could-breathe-new-life-into-prediction-markets|title=Blockchains could breathe new life into prediction markets|last=|first=|date=9 August 2018|work=The Economist|access-date=2018-12-02|language=en}}</ref>
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