Battle of Danes Moor

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The Battle of Danes Moor (or 'Dunsmoor') occurred, according to a local tradition, between the Danes and the Saxons on Danes Moor between Culworth and Edgecote, north-east of Banbury, Oxfordshire, at a crossing of a tributary of the River Cherwell.

According to 18th and 18th century sources, a local tradition derives the name Danes Moor from a ninth century battle between the Danes and the Anglo-Saxons, but the place-name expert Gover states that the name is of obscure origin and not derived from the word Danes.[1] According to Martin Evans, the battle took place in 914 (i.e. after the ninth century), but he cites no sources.[2] No battle at Danes Moor is mentioned by historians of Anglo-Saxon England.

The Battle of Edgecote Moor in 1469 is sometimes called the Battle of Danes Moor.[2]


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