Blue LoLãn

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Known for Filmmaking, Music

Blue LoLãn(Template:IPAc-en Template:Respell) is an artist, animal activist, director, cinematographer, actress, musician, and model.[1]

Life and Work

LoLãn starred in her first role in a Tom Petty music video with Luke Wilson and Robin Tunney[1]. One of her singing aliases is a character named Cindy Savalas[2]. LoLãn was featured as a filmmaker in Uniqlo’s first ever Lifewear Magazine[3]. LoLãn has worked on videos for Apple, Facebook, and Pharrell Williams[4]. LoLãn has worked with directors Paul Thomas Anderson and John Hillcoat[1][1] LoLãn is an animal activist who became vegan by choice as a child because she did not want to eat animals. LoLãn spent time rescuing deer and is making a documentary about it.[5]


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