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Musical artist

Christopher Douglas DeMakes (born September 27, 1973), known professionally as Chris DeMakes, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. DeMakes is known for his phenomenal stage presence and gained fame as the lead singer of the ska-punk band Less Than Jake that was formed in 1992 with fellow band member Vinnie Fiorello. The band reached major success while touring on the Vans Warped Tour. DeMakes and the Gainesville-based band continue to tour across the United States and internationally where they average between 130 to 150 shows a year.[1]

Besides his long-tenured career as guitarist and lead singer of Less Than Jake, DeMakes has continuously toured and performed as a solo artist since 2014. In December 2019, DeMakes solo work led to his latest musical endeavor, a side project where he composes custom songs and jingles. Since starting the "Let's Go Solo Tour" in 2014, DeMakes performs his original music along with a few hand selected songs from Less Than Jake. In a 2018 interview with the Fort Myers News Press, DeMakes mentions that he initially didn't set out to be a solo artist, but has found himself touring as a solo act, something he didn't initially set out to do.[2]

Early life

DeMakes was born Christopher Douglas DeMakes on Thursday, September 27, 1973, to parents Doug and Sharon DeMakes in the city of Livonia, Michigan, and grew up in Port Charlotte, Florida.[1] He attended Port Charlotte High School, where he was a starting pitcher on the high school baseball team. His interest in sports began at an early age where he played in little league and inspired by his father, who was a professional baseball player in the Detroit Tigers organization. The allure of music into his life originated from his parents, both of whom were musicians and encouraged him to learn to play music. In 1989, while still attending high school, DeMakes and childhood friend Vinnie Fiorello formed their first band "Needless Guilt" at the age of 16. Several years later, the duo went on to form a second band "Good Grief" with friend bassist Shaun Grief. After graduating high school in 1991, "Good Grief" broke up because DeMakes had moved to Gainesville, Florida to attend the University of Florida where he majored in telecommunications. While attending college, he continued to have an interest in music and was joined six months later by high school friend Vinnie Fiorello and shortly thereafter formed Less Than Jake in the summer of 1992.

Less Than Jake

DeMakes is the lead singer and guitarist for Less Than Jake, a band that he and Vinnie Fiorello formed in 1992. DeMakes is the longest-tenured member of the band and has appeared on all eight of Less Than Jake's studio albums.

Solo career

Chris DeMakes has toured and performed as a solo artist under the moniker 'Let's Go Solo'[3] since 2014. He released his first solo work "Up" on a 7" record called "Ska Goes Solo" with touring partner JT Turret[4] to moderate success in 2014. DeMakes solo tours have continued to advance every year where he continues to perform for audiences in the United States and internationally.

DeMakes has collaborated with other notable artists by providing vocals and guitar work on other records including Descendents guitarist, Stephen Egerton's 2010 song “Print On Paper” from the album “Seven Degrees Of Stephen Egerton." In 2015, DeMakes provided vocals for New Found Glory's single “Ready and Willing.” In 2017, DeMakes provided vocals for Rare Breed, a reggae project that was released by music label Paper and Plastick. Also in 2017, he was invited to perform in São Paulo, Brazil with longtime Gainesville punk rock band Hot Water Music.

Charity work

Inspired by the caregivers who cared for his grandmother during her final six months of life, DeMakes wrote and recorded “I’ll Be Your Eyes” a song he dedicated to the loving memory of his grandmother. The song was part of a split 7” solo record with Steve Neurotic.[5] All proceeds from the song are part of DeMakes attempt to raise funds for Tidewell Hospice[6] in Southwest Florida. His efforts have raised over $10,000 to date.

Personal life

DeMakes is married and has two children.


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