Cignature (girl group)

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Musical artist

Cignature (Template:Korean; stylized as cignature) is a South Korean idol group formed by C9 Entertainment in 2020 and will be managed under their label J9 Entertainment.[1] The group is set to debut on February 4, 2020 [2] with the single album debut single A.



Chaesol, Jeewon (formerly known as Jiwon), YeAh (formerly known as Haeun), Sunn (formerly known as Viva) and Belle (formerly known as Lucky) were members of Good Day, who debuted on August 30, 2017.[3]

On November 11, 2019, C9 Entertainment confirmed the launching of future girl group temporarily named C9 Girlz, with Jeewon being named the first member of the future girl group.[4] Semi was introduced as a member of the group on November 12.[5] Chaesol was introduced as a member of the group on November 13. Sunn was introduced on November 14.[6] Belle was introduced on November 15. YeAh was introduced on November 16.[7] Lastly, Seline was introduced on November 17.[8] On January 14, 2020, the group name is revealed to be cignature.[9]



Single album

  • Nun Nu Nan Na (눈누난나)


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