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This article uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Valenzuela and the second or maternal family name is Contreras.

Davalenco live in concert

Davalenco, born David Valenzuela Contreras is a Mexican-Canadian urban recording artist who sings mainly in Spanish.[1] He is a singer and song writer and was born in Veracruz, Mexico. He grew up influenced by salsa and reggae music.[2] His musical style is reggaeton and he mixes balads with urban sounds.[3] His latest single "Doler" was just released in January 2020.[4]

Early Life

David Valenzuela Contreras was born in Veracruz, Veracruz Mexico. He grew up influenced by music and dance. He studied music and dance in the United States, Mexico as well as Canada [5] and later specialized in Latin and Ballroom dance.[6] He also took an interest in Track and Field from an early age and started competing nationally and internationally representing Mexico in sprints, hurdles and high jump events.[7] In 1997 he became the national Mexican champion in high jump and was selected to compete in the Festival Olimpico Mexicano in which he qualified to represent Mexico at the Central American Games in San Juan, Puerto Rico.[8] In 2012 he set a Canadian record in 50 metre hurdles where he ran 7.59, breaking the 7.91 Canadian record that was set in 1987[9] as well as an Ontario record in the 60 metre hurdles category.[10]The same year he won the Canadian Athlete of the Year Award in sprints and hurdles.[11]


  • 2017: Ritmo Latino
  • 2017: Ritmo Latino (Dancesport Remix) with DJ Ice
  • 2019: Solo
  • 2019: Otro Intento
  • 2020: Doler


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