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== I agree ==
== I agree ==
* [[User:Guaka|Guaka]] ([[User talk:Guaka|talk]])
* [[User:Guaka|Guaka]] ([[User talk:Guaka|talk]])
* {{:User:Stranger195/sig}}

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I understand why some people are deletionists, but it's very unfortunate that this group of people has managed to take over Wikipedia. The problem is not so much with keeping Wikipedia free from trivial articles, the problem is more the atmosphere that it creates. Sometimes it just takes 2 people who can destroy the work of someone who really thought they were doing a good job. Deletionism also creates a very negative vibe. The person whose work is deleted is not going to continue working on Wikipedia as their contributions would merely be a waste of time.

Wikipedia:Drafts is a project that aims to overcome this issue. I hope it will succeed. I wonder though if the lost positive energy can be found back though.

I agree