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Dove Rose Windsor (born 8 November 1999) is an English software, app and game developer. She is best known for founding, Sploder, the online game creator. [1] The online game-making website has also appeared on numerous television shows, such as the Channel 5 tech programme, The Gadget Show. [2] [3]



Sploder is a place where anyone can make games online and share them with the world. Make your own platformer games, space-themed shoot-em-ups, retro arcade games, and even complex physics-based puzzle games. No programming skill is necessary. All you need is a good imagination and a desire to be creative.

We believe that the world can be changed by creative people who use their minds to make the world better. By offering a place where people are rewarded for creativity in the context of games and play, we hope to point them toward a path to a more creative future.

We aim to create a place where young people can express their creative ideas and reward each other through positive feedback and encouragement. With our diverse set of game-making tools, members can discover many different ways to design game levels, make stories with narratives, and challenge themselves and their players.

If you are a parent or a teacher, you can get more information about using Sploder in a family or educational environment on our Parents & Teachers page.

Joining Sploder is easy and free. No personal information is needed, and once you join you can start making games right away.

Sploder's community is self-regulating. Windsor has a team of community members who monitor site content daily. Social features of Sploder can be disabled in your account settings if you wish to have a more private experience.

In order to allow for a fast-paced, dynamic online experience, games and comments are automatically allowed and visible. This may be a concern for some parents, so please educate your child about online safety. There is no ability for private conversation on Sploder (aside from the forums, which is a separate registration process) so that moderators and members can report inappropriate or objectionable content.

Many institutions across the world have used Sploder in a classroom environment to teach game design. By putting students in the position of creating a game or puzzle that others can solve in a fun and challenging way, it gets them thinking about problem-solving and storytelling. Game design uses the whole brain, from the artistic side of creating art and graphics, to the analytical side of creating interesting game levels that work.

If you're using Sploder in your school, Windsor and the team would love to hear about it. Please contact us and let Windsor and the team know! Pictures and testimonials are a huge bonus as well!

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Personal life

In 2017, Windsor went to adult mental health when she turned 18. She hasn't been diagnosed with anything yet. She has been waiting for over a year and a half for any news on what she could be diagnosed with. Doctors suspect that she could be on the autistic spectrum. Furthermore, they think 99 per cent that she has Asperger's syndrome. She definitely suffers from anxiety and stress depression. She takes Sertraline tablets that she takes daily in the mornings to sooth her mood and to make her more relaxed. At school, she had social and emotional problems. She had special needs before she went to her secondary school in 2011.

Windsor first identified herself as female in August 2016. She first said to her parents that she was transgender. She is still not yet on the waiting list, but probably will do soon. In December 2018, Windsor finally came out of her shell and started to wear women's clothes full time.

In the summer of August 2016, Windsor went to NCS (national citizen service) for four weeks to improve her CV. The first week she went to a camping trip. In the second week, Windsor went to De-Montfort University to do a range of activities like doing a Master Chef challenge, first-aid challenge, e.t.c. In the third and the final forth week, Windsor did a charity course. In November 2016, Windsor was awarded a certificate, signed by Teresa May on an awards night. Windsor did a Duke Of Edinburgh expedition course at Gryphon School in February 2017. She was awarded with a bronze award at the end of March 2017.

Windsor has a social worker named Carlton who helps her from time to time. Her previous social worker was called Nick. In July 2017, Windsor nearly died after being hit by a car at 20 miles an hour on Narborough Road, Leicestershire, England. She was lucky enough to be still alive. More luckily, there were a passenger in the vehicle who claimed to be a doctor. Windsor hit her head on the wind screen/bonnet and then ht her head on the road. She just had scratches, bruises and grazes.

Windsor goes to Soft Touch Arts once a week on a Friday, from 1-4 pm.

Windsor is going to find what she is going to be diagnosed with soon. Windsor is expected to move from Elliott Residential Care Home soon in four weeks time in May. She is going to be moving to a place called Box Tree house, near a farm, in Ratby. Windsor will also be expected to be on the waiting list soon for her sex change to turn fully into female.

On the evening of 19 April 2019, Windsor collapsed at her residential care home in her bedroom. She felt dehydrated. But luckily, she survived. She felt dizzy. She hadn't had a single thing to eat or drink. She has now recovered by eating a snack and having a drink. She opened her windows to let air in. She has been asleep almost all day.

Windsor has visited the Box Tree Farm house in Ratby. She seems to like the place. She will be moving there soon.