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Dungeon Rooms is a supplement published by Games Workshop in 1986 for any fantasy role-playing game.


Dungeon Rooms, with artwork by Tony Ackland, Dave Andrews, and Colin Dixon, is a set of 23 full-color floor plans for rooms or areas typically encountered during fantasy role-playing games.[1] These include:

  • torture chamber
  • necromancer's study
  • armoury
  • temple
  • bedroom
  • mausoleum
  • apothecary
  • guardroom and cell
  • treasure room
  • throne room
  • alchemist's laboratory
  • orc's den
  • wizard's study
  • great hall
  • forge
  • kitchen
  • barracks
  • mortuary
  • gladiatorial pit
  • library
  • large stairwell
  • magic well
  • dragon's lair[2]

The floor plans are suitable for use with 25mm fantasy miniatures.[1]

Although the floor plans can be used with any fantasy role-playing game, notable inhabitants of each room are detailed, along with their game statistics from the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game.[1]


In the November 1987 edition of Dragon (Issue #127), Ken Rolston called the floor plans "beautifully rendered". Rolston also complimented the accompanying booklet with its amusing descriptions of the rooms' inhabitants, calling it "delightful". He concluded with a strong recommendation, calling the entire package "Good, cheap, goofy FRP fun."[1]


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