Edinburgh University Conservative and Unionist Association

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Edinburgh University Conservative & Unionist Association
Founded 1862
Honorary President Sir Malcolm Rifkind
Chairman Matthew Smith
Vice-Chairman Sophie Sandor
Secretary Ed Hughes
Treasurer Chris Akers
Home page http://www.eucua.org.uk

Edinburgh University Conservative and Unionist Association (commonly known as EUCUA or the Tory Club by its members) was founded in 1862 to represent the Conservative Party and the political theories of Toryism at the University of Edinburgh. Primarily the association exists to serve as a forum for debate and discussion between students at the University of Edinburgh with conservative political leanings and provide a setting in which they may meet and engage with one another in a social setting. To this end the association has long held a variety of events ranging from formal dinners involving prominent Tory parliamentarians from both the UK and Scottish levels, 'Port and Policy' evenings involving debate between members on particular issues, and informal social gatherings.

In the past its active political role was heightened due to the existence of university constituencies in the House of Commons with the University of Edinburgh originally represented together with St. Andrews University but later subsumed into the Combined Scottish Universities seat. Since the abolition of such arrangements the association has remained active across the political sphere in the City of Edinburgh and members routinely assist local Scottish Conservative Party candidates with their campaigns.

The name of the association has changed over the years in line with that of the relevant party beginning life associated with the Conservative Party, later being connected with the Unionist Party following the merger of the Conservatives and Liberal Unionists in 1912 adopting its present title in the aftermath of the merger of the Scottish Unionist Party with the Conservative and Unionist Party in the wider United Kingdom in 1965.

The association is operated by a committee elected on an annual basis at a General Meeting of the association's membership. In addition EUCUA has an Honorary President. This position is currently held by the Rt. Hon. Sir Malcolm Rifkind QC MP who was previously a Chairman whilst studying at the university.


The association has been affiliated with the party since its foundation. In recent years the association has also been affiliated with the various youth and student organisations of the Conservative Party. Accordingly the association is also currently a branch of Conservative Future Scotland.

Current Committee

Chairman: Matthew Smith
Vice-Chairman: Sophie Sandor
Secretary: Ed Hughes
Treasurer: Chris Akers


The Association in the University is well known although its size is what one would expect when compared to the Scottish Conservatives in Scotland as a whole. The present Secretary appeared on Sky News to debate the education aspects to the Scottish Independence Referendum.

In 2008 the Association caused controversy by putting out a controversial statement endorsing McCain, attacking the 'liberal media' and calling Sarah Palin a moderate.

The Association confirmed it was hosting a Referendum Debate in early September 2014, shortly before the actual vote on September 18. They also confirmed that BetterTogether and YesScotland had both agreed to take part on either side of the debate.


www.eucua.org.uk (Official Website of Edinburgh University Conservative and Unionist Association)

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