FALAKNUMA - Hyderabad

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FALAKNUMA - Hyderabad

File:Falaknuma - Hyderabad Book.jpg
Front cover of the Falaknuma-Hyderabad coffee table book

Falaknuma Palace, the 19th century court of the Nizam of Hyderabad, is one of the largest and last palaces in India to have remained in such an almost perfect condition. This palace is the embodiment of an age gone by - an age characterized by luxury, grace and refined elegance.

First Published in India in 2010 by Graf Publishing Pvt. Ltd. [1] [2] [3] Falaknuma – Hyderabad is an elegantly designed and splendidly illustrated, large format (coffee table) book, with 200 rare colour and black & white photographs. It documents the architecture and history of the Falaknuma Palace in all its varied facets. Based on pioneering research drawn from archives in Hyderabad, London and other material, the authors trace for the first time, the history, the beauty and the romance of a great edifice from the genesis of its construction to the present. The legend of Falaknuma together with the social history of the period creates the setting for a detailed documentation of the richness and flamboyance of its interiors, discussing the spirit and context in which they were conceived.

After three years of research a definitive visual documentation of the Falaknuma Palace, was prepared. All images for the book were captured while the palace was still in its original state i.e. before its conversion into a Taj five star property the book also contains reproductions of historical photographs by Raja Deen Dayal from a private collection. The result of all the painstaking preparation is a well researched, factual, visually rich and beautifully produced book on Falaknuma - The Mirror of the Heavens, a palace which epitomized an era of unparalleled luxury and sophisticated indulgence.

The book is authored by George Michell [4] , a reputed scholar/writer from the UK [5] , and Tony Korner, a publisher/writer from New York [6]. They are both, old India hands, and experts on Indian art and architecture. Bharath Ramamrutham himself has done the entire photography of the palace – its exteriors, interiors, architectural details, furniture and rare archival material. The book presents the historical character of the palace, the idiom of 19th century design, the opulence of the Nizam’s era and of life in Hyderabad. This endeavour has been possible with the active support and blessings of Princess Esra herself, as well as various other agencies and individuals concerned.


George Michell is a reputed scholar/writer from the UK and has conducted many research projects in India and authored numerous books, including royal palaces of India and palaces of Rajasthan.

Anthony Korner, a publisher/writer from New York, worked Merchant Ivory Productions in India on several documentary films relating to the subcontinent. For the past 30 years he has been the publisher of artforum International Magazine in New York.


Bharath Ramamrutham [7] is internationally recognized as one of the foremost Architectural, Landscape and Travel photographers in India. With formal training in architecture and design and an abiding interest in the arts and crafts of India, his work in both the built, human and natural environments covers landscapes, architecture and interiors and the documentation of people, places and traditions all over India. He is also the CEO of Graf Publishing Pvt. Ltd [8]

Publisher: Falaknuma is produced by Graf Publishing Pvt. Ltd., a publishing firm headed by , Bharath Ramamrutham [9] and specializes in large format, illustrated books.

FALAKNUMA - Hyderabad
Concept Graf Publishing Pvt Ltd
Photography Bharath Ramamrutham
Authors George Michell & Anthony Korner
Publisher Graf Publishing Pvt Ltd (India)
Description Large format, illustrated(coffee Table)book, 4 Colour throughout
Size 12” x 9.5”
Extent 224 pages
Edition Dual language - English/French
ISBN 978-81-906188-0-9