Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari

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Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe bhari is an Indian television Show that airs on &TV and Zee5. It Premiered on August 27, 2019. The show features Sarika Bahroliya, Sarrtaj Gill, Ravi Mahashabde, Samta Sagar.[1][2]


The story revolves around Gudiya, a goofy, ordinary looking, free-spirited girl whose family is desperate to find a spouse for her. After being rejected by many men, her family finally finds a boy for her. Will Gudiya find her true soul mate?[3]

The concept of the show revolves around the character of Gudiya who is a happy go lucky girl with a pure soul and a straight forward personality.

Because of her unique activities, her family is unable to find her a partner who would marry her. And even if they get successful in getting the guy to see her, Gudiya with her honest opinions and straight forward talks, makes all their efforts go to waste.[4]

Cast and Characters

  • Sarika Bahroliya as Gudiya Gupta
    • (Sarla and Radhe's Daughter, Pappu's Sister, Sweety's Sister-in-law)

  • Samta Sagar as Sarla Radhe Gupta
    • (Radhe's Wife, Gudiya and Pappu's Mother, Sweety's mother-in-law)

  • Ravi Mahashabde as Radhe Gupta
    • (Sarla's Husband, Gudiya and Pappu's Father, Sweety's Father-in-law)

  • Manmohan Tiwari as Pappu Gupta
    • (Sarla and Radhe's son, Gudiya's Brother, Sweety's Husband)

  • Shweta Rajput as Sweety Pappu Gupta
    • (Sarla and Radhe's Daughter-in-law, Pappu's Wife, Gudiya's Sister-in-law)

  • Sudheer Neema as Nanhelal Gupta
    • (Sweety's father, a policeman)

  • Neela Mulherkar as Jiya (Savitri Gupta)
    • (Gudiya and Pappu's grandmother, Radhe and Shyam's mother)


  • Shivam Sengar as Raju
  • Prerana Trivedi as Padosan
  • Dolly Kaushik as Rubi Gupta, Gudiya's cousin, Shyam and Kasturi's daughter
  • Asmita Sharma as Phoola

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