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{{Infobox ethnic group
|group    = Haitian Swiss<br/><small>''Haïtien Suisse''</small><br/><small>''Ayisyen Swis''</small>
|image    =
|caption  = 
|poptime  =
|popplace = [[Geneva]]
|langs    = [[French language|French]], [[German language|German]], [[Haitian Creole]], [[Italian language|Italian]], [[Romansh language|Romansh]]
|rels    = [[Roman Catholicism]]
|related  = [[Haitians]], [[Haitian Americans]], [[Haitian Canadian]], [[Haitian Brazilian]], [[Haitian Chilean]], [[Haitian Cuban]]
A '''Haitian Swiss''' ({{lang-fr|Haïtien Suisse}}, {{lang-ht|Ayisyen Swiss}}) is a [[Switzerland|Swiss]] citizen of full or partial [[Haitian people|Haitian]] ancestry.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/politics/Diaspora_wants_a_say_in_Haiti_s_future.html?cid=8091102 |title=Diaspora wants a say in Haiti’s future |accessdate=13 February 2014}}</ref>
==Notable Haitian Swiss==
* [[Alizée Gaillard]], supermodel
* [[Kim Jaggy]], football player
{{Switzerland topics}}
{{Haitian diaspora}}
[[Category:Ethnic groups in Switzerland]]
[[Category:Swiss people of Haitian descent| ]]
[[Category:Haitian diaspora|Swiss]]

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