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{{Infobox school
| name                    = Hartfield Academy
| image                  = Hartfield Academy.png
| motto                  = Learn eagerly, Play skillfully, Live honorably
| address                = 1240 Luckney Road
| city                    = [[Flowood, Mississippi|Flowood]]
| state                  = [[Mississippi]]
| zipcode                = 39232
| country                = United States
| coordinates            = {{Coord|32.3479226|-90.0486955|display=inline,title}}
| former_names            = University Christian School, Pinelake Christian School
| type                    = [[Independent school]]
| religious_affiliation  = [[Christianity]]
| established            = 2012
| opened                  = {{Start date and age|2012|08}}
| principal              = Jim Delaughter
| principal_label        = High School Principal
| principal1              = John Bakelaar
| principal_label1        = Middle School Principal
| head_of_school          = David Horner
| grades                  = [[Kindergarten|K3]]–[[Twelfth grade|12th]]
| gender                  = [[Mixed-sex_education|Coeducational]]
| campus_type            = [[Suburb|Suburban]]
| colors                  = Garnet and Gold {{Color box|#97002d}} {{Color box|#bb9b6a}}
| accreditations          = [[Southern Association of Colleges and Schools|SACS]], [[Mississippi_Association_of_Independent_Schools|MAIS]], [[Association of Christian Schools International|ACSI]], [[Southern Association of Independent Schools|SAIS]]
| yearbook                = The Legacy
| website                = {{URL|www.hartfield.org}}
Hartfield Academy (or simply known as Hartfield) is an independent private school in [[Rankin County, Mississippi|Rankin County]], Mississippi.<ref>https://www.privateschoolreview.com/hartfield-academy-profile</ref> The school is divided into two campuses (East and West). Hartfield Academy hosts grades K3–12th. Hartfield's east campus is home to grades K3–2nd grade while its main west campus holds grades 3rd–12th.
Hartfield Academy was formerly known as University Christian School and Pinelake Christian School, a well-known private school in Flowood, Mississippi and a elementary private school in Brandon, Mississippi respectively, which both schools merged together in 2012.<ref>{{cite web |title=Pres. Christian lands Hartfield Aca. coach Dorman |url=https://usatodayhss.com/2014/pres-christian-lands-hartfield-aca-coach-dorman |website=USA TODAY High School Sports |language=en |date=25 March 2014}}</ref> Before the school opened its doors, the school went through a transition phase, which the west campus, formerly University Christian School, moved away from its former school identity.<ref>{{cite web |title=Rankin County coaching icon makes his return at Hartfield |url=https://www.wapt.com/article/newly-formed-hartfield-academy-taps-proven-winner/2078175 |website=WAPT |accessdate=4 December 2019 |language=en |date=30 March 2012}}</ref> After a substantial change in identity, Hartfield was open for school in August 2012. The school was renovated to adopt its new identity. The mascot was changed to the 'Hawks' and colors to garnet and gold.
===Major expansion===
Hartfield Academy's main west campus was relatively small. The school administration and its Board of Trustees planned a new 45,000-square foot addition, which cost around $9 million. The school ran a capital campaign Undeniably Different for the expansion efforts, which raised nearly $4.5 million, and the expansion included new interactive classrooms, high school administrative offices, IT Help Center, Thomas W. Colbert Theater, a main plaza, Cockrell Administrative Offices, a redesigned dining hall, new athletic equipment, a basketball practice gym, and three labs. Construction began in the summer 2018 and finished before August 2019. <ref>{{cite web |title=Hartfield Academy opens doors to major expansion |url=https://www.northsidesun.com/news-breaking-news/hartfield-academy-opens-doors-major-expansion |website=The Northside Sun |publisher=The Northside Sun |accessdate=4 December 2019 |language=en |date=15 August 2018}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Hartfield Academy Expansion and Renovation |url=https://www.ccdarchitects.com/portfolio-item/hartfield-academy-renovation/ |website=CANIZARO CAWTHON DAVIS |accessdate=5 December 2019}}</ref>
Hartfield Academy focuses on the mission and vision that every student "fulfill their God-given purpose", and the school exists to help families to prepare their students to purse "the next stage of life." Hartfield holds the five core values: Truth, Excellence, Service, Leadership, and Honor.<ref>{{cite web |title=Mission and Vision |url=https://www.hartfield.org/about-us/mission-and-vision |website=Hartfield.org |accessdate=5 December 2019}}</ref><br>
===Partnership with Belhaven University===
In 2016, David Horner, Hartfield Academy's Head of School, and Kevin Russell, [[Belhaven University]]'s Vice President for Enrollment Management and University Marketing, signed an agreement, which Belhaven established a dual-enrollment program with Hartfield and gave eligable Hartfield's students a tutition discount for the unversity's undergraduate program.<ref>{{cite web |title=Hartfield and Belhaven Partner on Multiple Fronts |url=https://www.belhaven.edu/news/articles/Hartfield-and-Belhaven-Partner-on-Multiple-Fronts-2016-06-02.htm |website=Belhaven.edu |accessdate=5 December 2019 |date=2 June 2016}}</ref> Students as of 2019 can take up 40 hours of dual-enrollment classes before graduation.<ref>{{cite web |title=Why Hartfield |url=https://www.hartfield.org/admissions/why-hartfield |website=Hartfield.org |accessdate=5 December 2019}}</ref>
==Extracurricular Activities==
Hartfield Academy’s robotics team N.E.K.O.S competes in the Mississippi [[FIRST Tech Challenge]] program, which is affiliated with CMSE (Center for Mathematics and Science Education) from the [[University of Mississippi]]. The robotics team went to [[FIRST Championship|FIRST Worlds Championship]] in [[Houston, Texas]] during the [[Rover Ruckus|Rover Ruckus competition season]] when the team qualified as one of two Mississippi teams to go.<ref>{{cite web |last1=Coleman |first1=Candance |title=Cool Schools: Hartfield Academy |url=https://www.wjtv.com/news/local-news/cool-schools-hartfield-academy/ |website=WJTV |accessdate=6 December 2019 |date=1 April 2019}}</ref> Hartfield has had hosted local FIRST Tech Challenge robotics qualifiers in the past. In 2019, Mississippi FIRST Tech Challenge moved its kickoff event to the school as a new location for future kickoffs.<ref>{{cite web |title=Welcome to SKYSTONE (SM) and the 2019-2020 Mississippi FIRST Tech Challenge Season! |url=https://mailchi.mp/bd53687b4656/2019-20-email-blast-03-kickoff-registration |website=us5.campaign-archive.com |accessdate=6 December 2019}}</ref>
== References ==
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