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{{Infobox school
| name                    = International Christian School of Budapest
| native_name            =
| logo                    = International Christian School of Budapest Logo.png
| image                  =
| alt                    =
| caption                =
| motto                  = <!-- or | mottoes = -->
| motto_translation      =
| address                = Ifjúság Way 11
| town                    = [[Diósd]]
| county                  = [[Pest County|Pest]]
| postcode                = 2049
| country                = Hungary
| coordinates            = {{Coord|47|24|33|N|18|57|16|E|region:HU_type:edu|display=inline,title}}
| other_name              = ICSB
| former_name            = <!-- or | former_names = -->
| type                    = [[Private school|Private]] [[international school]]
| religious_affiliation  = [[Christianity|Christian]]
| established            = {{Start date|1994}}
| founder                = <!-- or | founders = -->
| closed                  = <!-- {{End date|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| oversight              =
| director                = Kristi Hiltibran<ref>{{cite web |title=Leadership |url=https://www.icsbudapest.org/discover/leadership |website=International Christian School of Budapest |accessdate=19 November 2019}}</ref>
| staff                  =
| faculty                =
| grades                  = [[K–12]]
| gender                  = [[Mixed-sex education|Co-educational]]
| enrollment              = 230 (2019)<ref name="FastFacts" />
| medium_of_language      =
| campus_size            =
| campus_type            =
| colors                  =
| athletics_conference    =
| mascot                  = Bulldog
| nickname                =
| accreditations          = [[Association of Christian Schools International|ACSI]], [[Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools|MSA-CESS]]<ref>{{cite web |title=International Christian School of Budapest - Nemzetkozi Alapitvany |url=https://www.acsi.org/member-search/searchdetails/SubmitDetail?SchoolKey=15507&saccredited=&sgradelevel=&sspecialprogram=&state=&distance=10&country=8650606e-d98f-454d-827d-92d199844c22&accredited= |website=Find a School |publisher=Association of Christian Schools International |accessdate=15 November 2019}}</ref><ref name="MSA-CESS" />
| publication            =
| newspaper              =
| yearbook                =
| affiliation            = [[WIDA Consortium|WIDA]] International School Consortium<ref>{{cite web |title=Member Schools |url=https://wida.wisc.edu/memberships/isc/members |website=International School Consortium |publisher=WIDA |accessdate=22 November 2019}}</ref>
| website                = {{URL|www.icsbudapest.org}}
| footnotes              =
'''International Christian School of Budapest''' ('''ICSB''') is a [[Private school|private]], [[Christianity|Christian]], [[Mixed-sex education|co-educational]] [[international school]] in [[Diósd]], [[Pest County|Pest]], Hungary. It was established in 1994 and is the only [[ACT (test)|ACT]] test center in Hungary. It is known to be a popular choice among Chinese parents.<ref>{{cite journal |last1=Nagy |first1=Dorottya |title=Displaying Diaspora: Chinese Christian Presence in Hungary after 1989 |journal=AHEA: E-Journal of the American Hungarian Educators Association |date=2012 |volume=5 |page=6 |url=https://ahea.net/e-journal/volume-5-2012/32 |accessdate=20 November 2019 |issn=1936-8879}}</ref>
== History ==
International Christian School of Budapest was established in 1994<ref name="FastFacts">{{cite web |title=Fast Facts |url=https://www.icsbudapest.org/discover/at-a-glance |website=International Christian School of Budapest |accessdate=24 November 2019}}</ref> and was first accredited by the [[Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools|Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools]] (MSA-CESS) in 1999.<ref name="MSA-CESS">{{cite web |title=International Christian School of Budapest |url=https://www.msa-cess.org/RelId/606553/AccountID/10785/ISvars/default/School_Search.htm |website=Member Resources - Membership Directory |publisher=Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools |accessdate=17 November 2019}}</ref> In 2016, it was one of 23 international schools to earn "reaccreditation, the gold standard for measuring and advancing school improvement", the top recognition from MSA-CESS.<ref>{{cite web |title=Twenty-Three International Schools Earn Top Recognition From Middle States Association |url=https://www.msa-cess.org/RelId/1076000297/registered/1/pagenum/1/ISvars/showpage/Twenty-Three_International_Schools_Earn_Top_Recognition_From_Middle_States_Association.htm |website=Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools |accessdate=17 November 2019 |date=17 October 2016}}</ref>
The ''East-West Church and Ministry Report'' wrote in 1999 that multiple Christian missions have relocated to Budapest because of its strategic location halfway between the [[Baltic Sea|Baltic]] and [[Adriatic Sea]]s, but added, "One of the major factors for missions relocating regional offices to Budapest has been the development of the International Christian School of Budapest, an accredited program (grades 1-12) with 150 students."<ref>{{cite web |last1=Kertai |first1=Barbara |title=Budapest as Mission Headquarters |url=http://www.eastwestreport.org/articles/ew07402.htm |website=East-West Church and Ministry Report |accessdate=17 November 2019 |date=1999}}</ref>
== Curriculum ==
The school's curriculum is primarily US based.<ref name="FastFacts" /> In 2019–20, the school offered eight [[Advanced Placement]] courses (Biology, Calculus AB, English Literature and Composition, Human Geography, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Physics 1, and Statistics). In recent years, it has also offered Studio Art: 2-D (now known as 2-D Art and Design) and European History.<ref>{{cite web |title=Nemzetkozi Alaptivany International Christian School Budapest |url=https://apcourseaudit.inflexion.org/ledger/school.php?a=MzczNzc=&b=MA== |website=AP Course Audit |publisher=College Board |accessdate=16 November 2019}}</ref>
{{As of|2018|08}}, it is the only [[ACT (test)|ACT]] test center in Hungary.<ref>{{cite web |title=2018-2019 ACT International Test Centers |url=https://www.act.org/content/dam/act/unsecured/documents/Non-US-test-center-locations-2018.pdf |website=ACT |accessdate=16 November 2019}}</ref>
== References ==
== External links ==
* {{Official website|https://www.icsbudapest.org/}}
{{International schools in Hungary|state=collapsed}}
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