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'''Kai Røberg''' (born 30 November 1973) is a retired [[Norway|Norwegian]] [[football midfielder]].
He started his youth career in [[Midsund IL]], and was drafted into the senior team in 1990.<ref>{{cite news|title=Varierande resultat i treningskampane for A-laget|date=5 April 1990|work=Øyavis|page=11|language=Norwegian}}</ref> In 1996 he moved on to [[Åndalsnes IF]].<ref>{{cite news|title=To seniorlag i fotball|date=18 January 1996|work=Øyavis|page=14|language=Norwegian}}</ref>
Joining from [[2. Divisjon]] team [[SK Træff]], he played 48 times in the [[Norwegian Premier League]] for [[Molde FK]] between 2001 and 2005,<ref>{{NFF|3715972}}</ref> and other clubs include [[Kristiansund BK]].
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