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Killagators 2 is a 2016 natural horror film. It is directed by Jacob Fletcher and is about a group of college students who are attacked by alligators when they travel to a forest lake to help clean it up.[1] It is a sequel to Killagators.


At the beginning, ten teens are seen riding a party boat on a lake. The boat suddenly starts rocking, knocking Tia (Liz Ross) and Jessi (Amy Nolan) into the water, where they are devoured by two alligators. Dan (Lloyd Harmon) is also killed trying to save them. Meanwhile, Cierra (Macy Donovan) and Robbie (Alex Thurman) are killed while having sex in the boat. While Aaron (Dex Dog) and Shelby (Jafari Jon) are trying to repair the boat, Doyle (Geller Ross) decides to ditch them and escapes on a lifeboat with Kenia (Olivia Rose) and Sara (Padilla Anthony), but an alligator crashes the lifeboat and devours Kenia and Sara while Doyle tries to swim to shore, but is also eaten. Aaron and Shelby make it to shore, but the lake suddenly floods and both are killed.

Some time later, 45 college students in an activist group enter the same woods to help clean it up. They split up into three groups - the first group of fifteen, the second of twenty, and the third of ten - and set up camp. At one camp on an island, Tawny (Lexie Susan) has a threesome with John (Larry Melody) and Josh (Phillip Paulsen), but alligators kill John and Josh. Tawny warns the others, but not before alligators devour Mari (Jane Tyler) and Doug (Rheman Toole) while they are having sex. The others realize they are stranded. Dani (Sophie Raymond) panics and runs into the water, she is eaten as well as Jeff (Chris Jones) when he runs in after her. The group, thinking that the alligators are distracted, try to escape in their boat, but the alligators smash it and devour Michaela (Ruth Lynn), Joanie (Higa Ryan), Sue (Ryane Verrick), Tom (Gerry Lane), and Dick (Samuel Lasso).

At the second camp, several of the students get drunk and decide to go skinny dipping and alligators kill Samoa (Ally Ylvis), Mary (Rhea Zone), Donny (Helbig Grace), Tanner (Stanley Max), and Valerie (Ann Wheel). An earthquake causes the other ten members of the group back at camp to fall into an underground river; Lauren (Josie Michaels) and Hennessy (Zeke Simmons) are killed. The survivors from the skinny dippers return and try to save them. However, when Cole (Jason Deere) tries to rescue Sally (Rose Pearson) and Penny (Vicky Runes), Sally accidentally causes all three of them to be killed. Megan (Zee Garrett) and Kristen (Joelle Roberts) are also eaten, but Lyle (George Simon), Deer (Alex Forman), Amber (Giselle Donovan) and Sofie (Cylla James) manage to escape. While the remaining eight are fleeing though the woods, they encounter a waterfall. However, an alligator leaps out and kills Billie (Daisy Royal) and Lyle. The others build a raft and start floating down the river, but the raft gets stuck and an alligator kills Daniel (Jack Collins) and Benny (Bryan Lee). Amber, Deer, Sofie and Will (Eric Joel) escape the river and flee further into the woods.

The four of them find the third group's camp, and beg them for help. The third group does not believe them until Lisa (Danielle Fisher) and Sydney (Leanne Chain) are killed by an alligator. Jason (Wendell Carter) seemingly kills the alligator with a harpoon, but it comes back to life and eats him alive. The remaining eleven decide to flee in the third group's boat. Don (Lane Parker), Evan (Mack Rogers) and Will stay behind to fend off the alligators while the others escape, and all three are killed. While in the boat, the group sees the remnants of the first group stranded and decide to help them, but they witness the deaths of Julie (Harmony Parker) and Carter (Maxwell Tube). After seeing this, Beth (Jennifer Aidan) and Chloe (Jessica Phelps) leap out of the boat and try to swim to the other shore, but both are eaten.

The group in the boat picks up the last two survivors of the first group, Jesse (Rodney Harold) and Tawny, and start off towards safety. However, alligators rock the boat, knocking Amber, Deer and Sofie into the water. They manage to swim to another shore while the remaining survivors in the boat make it to the shore they originally arrived at, but several alligators kill Jesse and Tawny, plus Trevor (Lucas Person) from group three. Sofie and Deer die, but June (Erica Lane) and Laura (Lana Harlot), the last survivors of group three, arrive to help Amber escape the lake alive. Amber, June and Laura return to one of the group's vans and think they are safe, but discover that part of the road has been flooded. Laura sacrifices herself to an alligator so that Amber and June can escape and they manage to reach a highway, the last remaining survivors out of the group of 45.


  • Giselle Donovan as Amber
  • Alex Forman as Deer
  • Cylla James as Sofie
  • Eric Joel as Will
  • Erica Lane as June
  • Lana Harlot as Laura
  • Lexie Susan as Tawny
  • Rodney Harold as Jesse
  • Lucas Person as Trevor
  • Jessica Phelps as Chloe
  • Jennifer Aidan as Beth
  • Maxwell Tube as Carter
  • Harmony Parker as Julie
  • Mack Rogers as Evan
  • Lane Parker as Don
  • Wendell Carter as John
  • Leanne Chain as Sydney
  • Danielle Fisher as Lisa
  • Bryan Lee as Benny
  • Jack Collins as Daniel
  • George Simon as Lyle
  • Daisy Royal as Billie
  • Joelle Roberts as Kristen
  • Zee Garrett as Megan
  • Rose Pearson as Sally
  • Vicky Runes as Penny
  • Jason Deere as Cole
  • Zeke Simmons as Hennessy
  • Josie Michaels as Lauren
  • Ann Wheel as Valerie
  • Stanley Max as Tanner
  • Helbig Grace as Donny
  • Rhea Zone as Mary
  • Ally Ylvis as Samoa
  • Samuel Lasso as Dick
  • Gerry Lane as Tom
  • Ryane Verrick as Sue
  • Higa Ryan as Joanie
  • Ruth Lynn as Michaela
  • Chris Jones as Jeff
  • Sophie Raymond as Dani
  • Rheman Toole as Doug
  • Jane Tyler as Mari
  • Phillip Paulsen as Josh
  • Larry Melody as John
  • Geller Ross as Doyle
  • Jafari Jon as Shelby
  • Dex Dog as Aaron
  • Padilla Anthony as Sara
  • Olivia Rose as Kenia
  • Alex Thurman as Robbie
  • Macy Donovan as Cierra
  • Lloyd Harmon as Dan
  • Amy Nolan as Jessi
  • Liz Ross as Tia


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