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{{Infobox NASCAR team
| Team_name      =Lafferty Motorsports
| Logo          =
| Owner_names    =Chris Lafferty<br>Calvin Wood
| Base          =[[Concord, North Carolina|Concord]], [[North Carolina]]
| Series        =[[Camping World Truck Series]] [[ARCA Racing Series]]
| Numbers        =24, 89
| Drivers        =Chris Lafferty<br>[[Mike Harmon]]
| Sponsors      =Lafferty Performance<br>[[Handy Helper]]<br>Blue Ox Towing
| Manufacturer  =[[Ford]]
| Debut          =[[2008 in NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series|2008]] [[AAA Insurance 200 (Dover)|AAA Insurance 200]]
| Final          =
| Races          =31
| Drivers_champ  =0
| Wins          =0
| Poles          =0
'''Lafferty Motorsports''' is an [[United States|American]] auto racing team based in Concord, [[North Carolina]]. It is owned by driver and crew chief Chris Lafferty along with his wife Tracy, and co-crew chief Calvin Wood. Currently, Lafferty Motorsports fields the No. 89 [[Ford F-Series|Ford F-150]] in the [[NASCAR]] [[Camping World Truck Series]] for Lafferty and Mike Harmon. The team also runs a driver development service in the [[ARCA RE/MAX Series]] and other late model racing series, as well as building its own engines. Lafferty Motorsports has not fielded a truck since the 2011 season<ref>https://www.racing-reference.info/owner/Chris_Lafferty</ref>. In July 2015, team owner and driver Chris Lafferty announced his team's return to competition, beginning in Bristol in August, though this never occurred.
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*[https://www.racing-reference.info/owner/Chris_Lafferty Lafferty Motorsports at Racing Reference]
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