List of re-education through labor camps in China

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Re-education through labor (RTL; in Chinese, laodong jiaoyang 劳动教养, abbreviated láojiào 劳教) is a system of administrative detentions in the People's Republic of China. The estimated number of detainees in re-education through labor camps is anywhere from 300,000 (China Labor Bulletin, 2007)[1] to 2 million (Laogai Research Foundation, 2006).[2] There are at least 310 camps in China (China Daily, 2007).[3]

Anhui province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Anqing RTL Anqing Xinsheng Kiln Works Anqing City
Baofeng RTL Baofeng General Industrial Company Xuanzhou City
Hefei City RTL Hefei City Yicheng Town 1983 Moved in 2003. Capacity of 600 inmates.
Huaibei RTL Huainan City Formerly called Huainan City Independent LRC; adopted current name in 1989
Provincial No. 2 RTL Shangzhangwei Farm Hefei City 1983 Capacity of 600 inmates.
Provincial RTL for Drug Rehabilitation Unknown

Beijing municipality

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Beijing Municipal RTL Transfer Facility Daxing District Facility for "implementing" decisions of RTL committees (sorting detainees and transferring them to appropriate facilities or releasing them)
Beijing Tiantanghe RTL Daxing District 1960 Facility mainly for medical treatment and "re-education" of sick female detainees. Originally called Tiantanghe Farm.
Beijing Women's RTL Tiantanghe Farm Daxing County 1960
Beijing Xin'an RTL Daxing District 5 km south of Huangcun Town 1980 Most inmates are either female, or male drug offenders.
Beijing Xinhe RTL, also called Tuanhe RTL Daxing District 1955 Formerly named Tuanhe Farm. Called Tuanhe RTL in 2007–2008 Laogai Handbook[2]
Shuanghe RTL Gannan County, western Heilongjiang Province 1968 Prisoners are from Beijing.[4]

Chongqing municipality

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Chongqing RTL Xinsheng Horticultural Farm Jiangbei District 21-1 Wujiang Road Also called Maojiashan Women's RTL and Jiangbei RTL
Chongqing Women's RTL No. 2 Nan'an District Changshengqiao Town
Fuling RTL Fuling District
Xishanping RTL Xishanping Farm Beibei District Dongyang Town "Reported to hold Falun Gong followers,"

Fujian province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Fuzhou RTL Processing plant; Lifting equipment plant; Garment factories; Fire machinery plant; Fire services security technologies Fuzhou City Qianqi Road[2]
Fuzhou Rujiang RTL Fuzhou Rujiang Clothing, Footwear, and Hat Factory Fuzhou City 47 Kuai'an Road 1980 Also called Rujiang Forced Drug Abstinence RTL
Longyan RTL Longyan Farm Longyan City Longmenkou
Nanping RTL Nanping Xingguang Sodium Silicate Factory; Nanping Xingguang Aluminum Product Decoration Plant Nanping City 3 Jinfeng Road
Provincial Juvenile RTL Fuzhou City Sept. 2003 Inmates 18 years old or younger
Provincial Women's RTL Fuzhou Yanshan Clothing Factory; Fuzhou Yanshan Handicraft Plant Jin'an District, Fuzhou City 236 Qianheng Road
Longyan RTL Longyan Farm Longyan City Longmenkou
Quanzhou RTL Quanzhou No. 7 Plastics Fengze District, Quanzhou City Puren Beimenwai 1986
Sanming RTL Sanming Xinsheng Plant Sanming City
Xiamen RTL Xiamen City Jiangtou Garden
Zhangzhou Forced Drug Abstinence RTL 1997
Zhangzhou RTL Zhangzhou Xinxing Plastics Plant Zhangzhou City Shixia District 1987

Gansu province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Provincial No. 1 RTL Lanzhou City Also called Lanzhou City Ping'antai RTL
Provincial No. 2 RTL Anning District, Lanzhou City Beibinhe West Road 1991 Housed 2,000 detainees in 2003
Provincial No. 3 RTL Zhangye City
Heshui County RTL Heshui County, Qingyang City

Guangdong province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Cencun RTL Guangzhou City Dongsheng Mine Works Tianhe District, Guangzhou City Cencun, Wushan 1984
Chatou RTL Guangzhou Yuqing handicraft plant; previously Chatou Farm[2] Baiyun District, Guangzhou City Chatou Island, Shijing Town 1986
Chatou Women's RTL Baiyun District, Guangzhou City Chatou
Dongkeng RTL Guangzhou City Dongkeng Stone Mine Guangzhou City Dongkeng, Tonghe July 1982
Foshan RTL Foshan City 7 Laixiang Road, Shiwan Town Had over 2,000 detainees in 2001
Guangzhou No. 1 RTL Chini Stone Quarry Huadu District Hexi Village, Chini Town Also called Huadu Chini RTL
Guangzhou No. 2 RTL Stone Mine Huadu District Buxi Village, Tanbu Town May 1974 Moved to present location in June 2002
Guangzhou No. 3 RTL Guangzhou Chini Cement Factory Huadu District Gangmeitou, Hengsha Village, Chini Town
Hengshanguo RTL Sanshui District, Foshan City
Huizhou Municipal RTL Huizhou City Huicheng District, Sandong Town
Jiangmen RTL Jiangmen City southwest corner May 1982 Designated an RTL in February 1986
Meizhou RTL Meizhou City Meijiang District 1983 Moved outside the city in 1985
Municipal Juvenile RTL Guangzhou Baiyun District
Municipal RTL for Drug Users Guangdong Baiyun District
Provincial Juvenile RTL
Provincial No. 2 RTL for Drug Users Unknown
Provincial RTL for Drug Offenders Official became an RTL specifically for drug offenders in July 1995
Sanshui RTL Hengshengwo Farm; Sanshui Farm Sanshui County 3 kilometers east of Huangtang 1955 RTL for women
Shanwei Municipal RTL Shanwei City, Lufeng District Beiyang Town March 2003 Construction began in 1999, but didn't accept inmates until 2003
Shenzhen No. 1 RTL Luohu District, Shenzhen City North Jinbi Road, Shangbu 1981
Shenzhen No. 2 RTL Shenzhen City Also called Longhuazhen RTL
Tan'gang RTL Tan'gang Fire Hose Factory; Construction Materials Factory Guangzhou City Xingcha Road, Tan'gang, Chatou
Yingde RTL Makou Farm Yingde County Makou
Zengcheng RTL Zengcheng City 1950 Originally called Labu RTL. First RTL established in Guangdong. Capacity of 3,500.
Zhongshan RTL Zhongshan City Dahuantang, Maling 1993 Didn't have any detainees until 1997
Zhuhai Municipal RTL Zhuhai City Oct 2003

Guangxi province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Autonomous Region No. 1 RTL Nanning City 8 Xi'an Road
Autonomous Region No. 2 RTL Western suburb of Liuzhou City 1300 detainees as of June 2003
Autonomous Region No. 4 RTL Guilin City
Autonomous Region No. 5 RTL Outskirts of Guilin City
Guangxi No. 2 Drug Rehabilitation RTL Beihai City North-South Highway 2003
Guangxi Women's RTL Yongning County, Nanning City Jingji Zoulang Development District #40, Yudong Dadao Road Has female Falun Gong practitioners, according to 2007–2008 Laogai Handbook.[2] Formerly known as Guangxi No.1 RTL
Liuzhou RTL Xinxing Farm Liuzhou City 1951 Over 130,000 mu in area.

Guizhou province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Anshun RTL Anshun City
Anshun Juvenile RTL 2003
Bijie District RTL Bijie District Zhujiawan
Fuquan RTL Fuquan Phosphate Fertilizer Plant Fuquan City, Qiannanzhou Longchang Town 1965
Guizhou Province Women's RTL Qingzhen City 26 June 1997
Huagong RTL Huagong Farm Unknown Moved in 2003 from Qinglong County to an unknown location.
Qiandong Rehabilitation RTL Unknown
Sanjiang RTL Sanjiang Farm Guiyang City As of May 2004, had over 2000 detainees, over half of whom were drug offenders.
Zhongba RTL Zhongba Farm, Zhuhai Chili Electronic, Ltd. Qingzhen City
Zunyi RTL Zunyi Brickyard Zunyi City
Zunyi Rehabilitation RTL Unknown 1999 RTL for repeat drug offenders


Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Provincial No. 1 RTL Qiongshan Mailbox #66, Xindazhou Road
Provincial No. 2 RTL Haikou City 1989 Also called Hainan Province Women's Drug Rehabilitation Center.
Provincial No. 3 RTL Sanya City Also called Hainan Provincial Drug Rehabilitation RTL.

Hebei province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Balizhuang RTL Baoding City 1995 Lianchi Street
Baoding RTL Baoding RTL Printing Shop Baoding City Zhi'nong Road
Chengde RTL Chengde City
Handan RTL Handan City Mailbox 5 1985
Hebei Women's RTL Luquan Tongye Town, southwest of Xiliangxiang Village under construction as of 2008 Planned to hold 1500 detainees
Kaiping RTL Xinsheng Fireproof Materials Plant Kaiping District, Tangshan City Number 27 Brickfield Also called Provincial No. 1 RTL
Qinhuangdao RTL Shanhaiguan Machine Plant Shanhaiguan District, Qinhuangdao City Xuanyangdong Road
Shijiazhuang RTL Zhenhua Porcelain Enamel Factory; Shijiazhuang City Xinsheng Shoe Manufacturer Shijiazhuang City 22 Beijiao Street
Shijiazhuang Women's RTL Shijiazhuang City 8 South Gaoji Road, Zhaolingpu
Tangshan RTL Lu'nan District, Tangshan City 35 Hehuakeng Road Also called Hehuakeng RTL
Wanzhuang RTL Langfang City
Xingtai RTL Xingtai City
Zhangjiakou RTL Zhangjiaokou City

Heilongjiang province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Changlinzi RTL Daowai District, Harbin City Tuanjie Town
Daqing RTL Daqing City 54 No. 22 Lane, Jingyi Street Began holding Falun Gong detainees in 1999[2]
Fularji RTL Fularji, Qiqihar Also spelled Fulaerji or Fula'erji
Jixi RTL Jixi City Daodong Station
Hegang RTL Hegang City
Huayuan RTL Frozen sucker plant; Repair shop; Brickyard Harbin City
Jixi RTL Jixi City Daodong Station
Mudanjiang RTL Mudanjiang City
Provincial RTL Taiping District, Harbin City 239 Xianfeng Road
Qianjin RTL Harbin City
Qiqihar RTL Qiqihar City October 2003 Formerly Qiqihar Shuanghe RTL and Fuyu RTL, combined in October 2003. According to 2007–2008 Laogai Handbook, has housed over 200 Falun Gong detainees and has conducted "brainwashing."[2]
Shuangyashan RTL Xinsheng Coal Mine Shuangyashan City 1974
Suihua RTL Xinglong Automobile Repair and Supply Plant; Brickyard Suihua District North Zhongzhi Road
Tielu RTL Qiqihar City 385 Longhua Road Takes care of Harbin railways; is the only railway RTL in China
Wanjia RTL Daoli District, Harbin City Xinnong Village 1984 Houses Falun Gong detainees, according to 2007–2008 Laogai Handbook
Yichun RTL Cuiluan Forestry Center Yichun City
Yimianpo RTL Shangzhi City
Yong'an RTL Longwei Plastic Goods Factory Wangkui County, Suihua City
Yuquan RTL Harbin City 1984

Henan province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Anyang RTL Longquan Farm Anyang City
Baimiao RTL Tongyong Electric Control Plant; Zhengzhou Gerui Gas Automatic Fire Fighting Plant Zhengzhou City 62 Wenhua road Originally a "Labor Reform Detachment," became an RTL in the 1980s
Haobi RTL Haobi City 1979
Huangheqiao RTL Luoyang City 1981 Held "many religious prisoners" in 1983[2]
Jiaozuo RTL Jiaozuo City 1979
Kaifeng RTL Kaifeng City
Leihe RTL Leihe City
Luoyang RTL Chunhui Crane Factory Luoyang City Wugu Road 1979
Nanyang RTL Pushan Stone Quarry Nanyang City
Pingdingshan RTL Pingdingshan City December 1986 Merger of Bailou RTL and Yaomeng RTL
Provincial No. 1 RTL Zhengzhou City
Provincial No. 2 RTL Xinhe Farm; Henan Ruyang Cast Stone Factory; Henan Ruyang Rock Wool Fiber Factory Ruyang County, Luoyang City Da'an Village (1 kilometer west) 1952
Provincial No. 3 RTL Baitiaohe Farm Suburbs of Xuchang City Near Bayi plant Also called Xuchang RTL
Puyang RTL Puyang City 1985
Qiliyan RTL Zhengzhou Jinhua Abrasive Factory; Zhengzhou Jinhua Abrasive Factory Printing and Binding Subsidiary Factory Zhengzhou City
Sanmenxia RTL Sanmenxia City
Shangqiu RTL Shangqiu City
Shibalihe Women's RTL Guancheng District, Zhengzhou City Shibalihe Town Also called Provincial No. 1 Women's RTL
Shifo RTL Zhengzhou Zhongyuan General Hoisting Machinery Factory Zhengzhou City
Xinxiang RTL Xinxiang City
Xinyang RTL Xinyang RTL Plastic Bag Factory Xinyang City 1981

Hubei province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Baiquan RTL Wuhan City
Denglin RTL Denglin Farm Xiangbei County 1990 Originally called Xiangbei RTL
Guanbuqiao RTL Xianyang City
Haiyang RTL Hanyang District, Wuhan City Xin'nong Street
Hannan RTL Hannan District, Wuhan City Huangjiadun
Hewan RTL Hankou District, Wuhan City Luojiazui, Gushaoshu Also called Hubei Provincial RTL. According to 2007&2008 Laogai Handbook, work goes on from 6am to 2am (20 hours a day)[2]
Huangshi RTL Huangshi Electromagnetic Wire Plant Huangshi County 1980
Hubei Women's RTL Wuchang District, Wuhan City Hongshan District January 2005 Formerly called Shayang Qilihu Women's RTL
Mianhudun RTL Dongxihu District, Wuhan City Wuzhigou 1980s
Shashi RTL Shashi City 1983
Shayang RTL Shayang Farm Zhongxiang City Qilihu Town Also called Qilihu RTL and Hanyang RTL
Shiyan RTL Shiyan County 1985
Shizishan RTL Wuhan City Held male and female Falun Gong detainees, according to 2007–2008 Laogai Handbook
Xiangfan RTL Xiangfan City
Yichang RTL Yichang City

Hunan province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Bainihu RTL Xiangyin County Gaolin Xincheng Development District 1972 Only RTL farm in Hunan
Baimalong Women's RTL Zhuzhou City Baimalong, Baifeng 1958 Only women's RTL in Hunan
Changde RTL Changde City Xinsheng Switchgear Plant Changde City Jubaocun, Wuling District 1983 Receives both local RTL inmates, and drug offenders from neighboring areas
Changqiao RTL Changqiao Horticultural Farm Changsha City Across from Changsha Police School (Changsha Yuanda Road) 1963 Formerly located at Changqiao, Changsha City. Since establishment, has held over 40,000 detainees.
Changsha City Drug Rehabilitation RTL Changsha City Yuanda Road
Changsha Women's RTL Hunan Silk Mill Changsha City 6 Dongfeng Roa 1950
Chenzhou RTL Chenzhou City 7 Shiliuwan 1981
Hengyang RTL Hengyang City Huaxin Development District Construction began in 1950.
Huaihua RTL Huaihua City Xichong Village Construction began in 1981.
Hunan Juvenile Offender Detachment Yuhua District, Changsha City North Tiyuan Road September 2003 Only RTL in Hunan with juvenile detainees
Loudi RTL Louxing District, Loudi City 11 Groups Xiaoke Residence Committee Dake Office December 1983
Pingtang RTL Hunan Provincial Xinsheng Cement Factory Hexi District, Changsha City Pingtang Town 1979 Prisoners are drug offenders, those who have escaped from other RTLs, or those who have been labelled "difficult."
Shaoyang RTL Shaoyang City Chengdong Guanyin Tang
Xiangtan RTL Xiangtan Jianshe Farm Xiangtan City Jiuhua Economic District 1972
Xinkaipu RTL Hunan Switch Factory Changsha City 174 Xinkaipu Road, Jincha 1952
Yiyang RTL Yiyang City suburbs Yangshu Village, Changchun Town 1983
Yongzhou RTL Yongzhou City Near Yonglian Highway
Yueyang RTL Linxiang City, west suburbs Sanjiaoping 1984 Originally called Junshan Farm
Xiangxi Prefecture RTL Jishou City Yaxi Village, Yangjiaping November 1981
Zhuzhou RTL Hetang District, Zhuzhou City Songjia Qiaoyou Pu'ao November 1983

Inner Mongolia

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Baotou RTL Baotou City Xishuiquan
Chifeng City RTL Chifeng City Qiaoxidajie Street 1958
Hailar RTL Hailar District, Hulun Buir City Jindun Road 1955
Hohhot Women's RTL South Harbin City Shuaijia Yingzijie Village, Xiaoheihe District Government 1995 Also called Inner Mongolia RTL
Tumuji RTL Pasture Hinggan League Jalaid Banner
Wuhai RTL Calcium Carbide Plant Wuhai City 21 kilometers from Hai District
Wuyuan RTL Dongtucheng Farm Wuyuan County, Byannur League Originally called Dongtucheng RTL, adopted present name in 2001
Xi League RTL Carton plant; Milk cow breeding Xilin Gol League Bilingual in Mandarin and Mongolian; only bilingual RTL in Inner Mongolia

Jiangsu province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Donghai RTL Donghai County 1987 Established in 1958 as a labor reform detachment, later became a laogai camp; current RTL center established in 1987
Fangqiang RTL Fangqiang Farm Yancheng City Dafeng 1951
Judong RTL Jurong City 1979 Established in 1958 as a labor reform detachment and juvenile offender detachment; became an RTL in 1979, adopted current name in 1986
Nanjing Dalianshan RTL Dalianshan Cement Factory Jiangning District, Nanjing City Dalianshan, Chunhua Town 1958
Provincial Women's RTL Jurong City Jan. 2003
Taihu RTL Jiangsu Provincial Taihu Quarry Companies Wuxi City 1980 Established in 1959 as a labor reform detachment; became an RTL in 1980. Provincial government decided in 2008 to close this RTL, and the process of closing it is underway.
Wuxi RTL Wuxi City Dec. 2004
Yangmeitang RTL Nanjing City Holds female and juvenile detainees.

Jiangxi province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Jiujiang RTL Saihu Farm Ruichang County, Jiujiang City Majialong Saihu 1951 Also called Majialong RTL. Closed in 1968, and reopened in 1984.
Nanchang RTL Nanchang City Maiyuan Road
Nanchang RTL for Drug Offenders Nanchang City Caojiaqiao 1996 Moved to present address in 2007
Provincial Juvenile RTL Nanchang City Jianxin County 1956 Originally established in Yichun City, moved to outskirts of Nanchang City in 1987. Changed name to Jiangxi Provincial Juvenile Offender Detachment in 2003.
Provincial No. 1 RTL Yongqiao Farm Jinxian County 1956
Provincial No. 2 RTL Gao'an City Bajing Town Also called Gao'an RTL

Jilin province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Baicheng District RTL Baicheng
Baicheng RTL Baicheng City RTL Labor Services Company Baicheng
Baishan RTL Chemical material plant Baishan
Beijiao RTL Changchun City 1984
Chaoyanggou RTL Dongfang Petrochemical Factory Changchun City Chaoyanggou 1982
Fenjin RTL Piano parts factory Kuancheng District, Changchun City Caijiacun, Fenjinxiang 1975 Originally Diaojiashan RTL. Moved to current name and location in 1997.
Hunjiang RTL Hunjiang
Jilin City RTL Jilin City
Jilin RTL Jilin City 1984
Jiutai RTL Changchun City 1984–5 Also called Jiutai Yinmahe RTL
Liaoyuan RTL Dongliao County, Liaoyuan Baiquan Town 1985 Also called Baiquan RTL
Mudanjiang RTL Mudanjiang City 1981 Also called Sidao RTL
Provincial Women's RTL Changchun City Heijuzi 1981 Also called Heijuzi RTL
Siping RTL Siping City 1984
Tonghua RTL Tonghua RTL Wangou Steel Factory Tonghua 150 Yuquan Rd.
Weizigou RTL Changchun City Weizigou Village, Xinlongshan Town 1989
Yanji RTL Yanji
Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture RTL Yanji Beiqing Road 1984

Liaoning province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Anshan RTL Wuqianshan District, Anshan City Yuemingshan, Qianyuxiang 1979
Benxi RTL Benxi
Chaoyang RTL Xinsheng Asbestos Mine Chaoyang County Taizi Village
Dalian RTL Ganjingzi District, Dalian 175 Nanlin St. May 1980
Fushun RTL Fushun Early 1990s
Fuxin RTL Fuxin 1980
Jinzhou RTL Jinzhou
Masanjia RTL Masanjia Xinsheng Farm Shenyang 1957 Considered one of the largest centers of Falun Gong detainees in China[2]
Qinhuangdao RTL Qinhuangdao
Shenyang RTL Shenyang Includes Yijia RTL, Zhangshi RTL, Wangjiazhuang RTL and Longshan RTL
Tieling RTL Tieling
Huludao City Correctional Camp[5] Inmate Zhang Bin's death in April 2003 sparked widespread calls to reform the re-education through labor system[5]

Ningxia region

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Autonomous Region RTL Wuzhong City Formerly called Lingwu Baitugangzi RTL
Shizuishan RTL Shizuishan
Xincheng RTL Yinchuan

Qinghai province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Duoba RTL Nantan Farm Huangzhong County,

Xining || Duoba Town || May 1983 || Also called Provincial Men's RTL and Qinghai Province No. 1 RTL

Ge'ermu RTL Unknown Nov 2000
Qinghai Women's RTL Xining 62 Bayi East Rd. Nov 2000

Shaanxi province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Hanzhong RTL Hantai District, Hanzhong Shangshuidu Village
Jinhe RTL Baoji Baoping Rd. 1971 Renamed as an RTL in 1982
Luyang RTL Brick factory Fuping County Zhangqiao Town 1982
Provincial Women's RTL Xi'an City 6 Beixuanwu Rd., Fangxincun
Xinzhou RTL Unknown Early 1950s Also classified as an ankang (asylum)
Yan'an RTL Machine brickyard Yan'an Chengzigou Liulin village
Yulin RTL Yulin City
Zaozihe RTL Fengxiang County, Baoji Dongjiahe Town

Shandong province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Handan RTL Xinsheng Machine Factory Handan City
Ji'nan RTL Ji'nan City Yujin Building Equipment Factory Ji'nan City 24 Liuchangshan Rd. Also called Liuchangshan RTL. Reported to hold Falun Gong practictioners.[2]
Ji'ning RTL Ji'ning City 80 Motor Repair Shop Ji'ning City
Provincial No. 1 RTL Shandong Shengjian 83 Factory Zhoucun District, Zibo Southwest of Wangcun Town 1958 Also called Shandong Shengjian Basan RTL. Designated as "open to the public" in February 1982. Reported to mine clay for export to Japan.[6]
Provincial No. 1 Women's RTL Jinan 20 Jiangshuiquan Rd. Also called Jiangshuiquan RTL; adopted present name in 2001. Reported to hold Falun Gong practictioners.[2]
Provincial No. 2 RTL Zhoucun, Zibo Basan Factory, Wangcun Town Reported to hold Falun Gong practictioners.[2]
Provincial No. 2 Women's RTL Zhoucun, Zibo Wangcun Town Nov 2003 Reported to hold Falun Gong practictioners.[2]
Shandong Provincial RTL Wangcun District, Zibo Also called Shandong Provincial Zibo Wangcun RTL; its four branches are Provincial No. 1 RTL, Provincial No. 1 Women's RTL, Provincial No. 2 RTL, and Provincial No. 2 Women's RTL
Qingdao RTL Longyuan Steel Pipe Works; Qingdao Auto Damper Work Licang District, Qingdao 2 Shangyuan Rd. Reported to hold Falun Gong practictioners.[2]
Weifang RTL Weifang Jinfan Chemical Plant; Weifang Changle Rock Material Plant Weifang City Also called Changle RTL. Reported to hold Falun Gong practictioners; has a production contract with a Chinese/American business.[2]
Zaozhuang RTL Zaozhuang Shengjian Coal Mine Zaozhuang 1984
Zibo RTL Boshan Tool Factory Boshan District, Zibo Qiugucun Jan 1981

Shanghai municipality

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Shanghai Juvenile RTL Qingpu District 1997
Shanghai No. 1 RTL Shanghai Farm Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province Sichahe Became an RTL in 1981.
Shanghai No. 2 RTL Shanghai Chuandong Farm Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province 1950s
Shanghai No. 3 RTL Qingdong Farm Qingpu District Tianshengzhuang Jan 1959 Also called Qingpu RTL
Shanghai Municipal Women's RTL Qingpu District, Shanghai Tianshengzhuang
Shanghai RTL Receiving Center

Shanxi province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Changzhi RTL Daxinzhuang Farm Changzhi Became an RTL in 1988.
Datong City RTL Datong City RTL Coal Mine Datong 1981 Also called Heiliushui RTL, Luozhenying RTL
Provincial RTL Taiyuan Xinxin Industrial Corporation Xinghualing District, Taiyuan 5 Xindian Street Also called Xindian Men's RTL
Provincial RTL for Drug Offenders
Provincial Women's RTL Taiyuan Xindian Also called Taiyuan Xiandan RTL
Taiyuan City RTL Taiyuan RTL Gujiao Center for Coking Jiancaoping District, Taiyuan North of Zhencheng Village, Baibanxiang 1984
Yangquan RTL Pingding County December 1984
Yongji Dongcun RTL Dongcun Farm Yongji 1955
Yuxiang RTL Yongji Became an RTL in 1979.

Sichuan province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Dayan RTL XX Brickyard Ziyang City
Panzhihua RTL Renhe District, Panzhihua City Shagou
Provincial Women's RTL Longquanyi District Luodai Wen'an Town Tianqin Clothing Factory Zizhong County Gongmin Town
Shaping RTL Dongbo District, Meishan City Taoyuan East Road 1955 Adopted present name in 1987.
Sichuan Chengdu RTL for Drug Offenders Chengdu Airport Development Zone
Xinhua RTL Mianyang City 135 East Section, 1 Circle Road 1970s Also called Xinhua RTL for Drug Rehabilitation.

Tianjin municipality

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Dasuzhuang RTL Dagang District Dasuzhuang
Jianxin RTL Hexi District, Tianjin Municipality Has been disbanded, detainees sent to Tianjin Women's RTL.
Qingbowa RTL Qingbowa Farm Xiqing District, Tianjin Municipality 1980
Shuangkou RTL Beichen District, Tianjin Municipality
Tianjin Municipal Banqiao RTL Banqiao Farm Machinery Parts Factory Dagang District, Tianjin Municipality Oct 1955 Adopted current name in November 2003. Reported to hold Falun Gong practitioners.[2]
Tianjin Women's RTL Dagang District, Tianjin 2001
Yushan RTL Jixian County

Tibet Autonomous Region

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Changdu RTL Unknown
Duilong RTL Doilungdêqên County, Lhasa
Lhasa RTL Lhasa
Ngari RTL Ngari Prefecture Ali, Tibet July 2004
Rikaze RTL Unknown
Trisam RTL[7] West or southwest of Lhasa
Xizang RTL Troelung, Dechen County, 10 km. east of Lhasa Sept 1991

Xinjiang province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Bole RTL Bole County 1983
Changji RTL Wujiaqu City About 5 kilometers outside the city
Hami RTL Kumul Oct 1983
Jiyinchuan RTL Aksu after 2000
Kashi RTL Kashgar 30 kilometers outside the city Dec 1983
Xinjiang Turpan RTL Turpan City
Urumqi RTL Urumqi Artificial Diamond Factory Ürümqi 1973
Wusu RTL Wusu Dec 1983
Xihu RTL for Drug Abusers Wusu June 1999
Xinjiang Aksu RTL Aksu Prefecture 74 Chaoyang Street, Yin-a-wa-ti Road Oct 1983
Xinjiang Women's RTL Sweater workshop Ürümqi 22 Donggebi Rd. Dec 2002 Also called Urumqi Women's RTL
Yining RTL Ghulja 1983

Yunnan province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Anning RTL Anning Bajie Farm Anning Bajie
Dali RTL Dali City Tianjingshan 1992 Has some former drug users acting as staff
Dehong Prefecture RTL Disposable Chopsticks Processing Plant Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture 1993
Kunming Drug Rehabilitation Center Kunming Wang Bridge
Mojiang RTL Mojiang Hani Autonomous County
Provincial No. 2 RTL Lufeng County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture Renxing Town 1951
Provincial No. 3 RTL Mosha Subtropical Horticultural Farm; Food products factory; Beverage factory; Brown sugar factory Mosha District, Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County 1956
Qujing City RTL Yinsheng Textile Factory Qilin District, Qujing City Poshi Street Nov 2000
Yunnan Province Drug Rehabilitation RTL Sept 2002
Yunnan Women's RTL Guandu District, Kunming Dabanqiao Town Dec 1996

Zhejiang province

Name Enterprise name City/County/District Village/Town Established Notes
Hangzhou No. 1 RTL Hangzhou
Hangzhou No. 2 RTL Hongken Farm Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou Xinjie Town
Huzhou RTL Huzhou Zhaowan Yangjiabu T. W.
Jiaxing RTL Jiaxing
Moganshan RTL Deqing County Wukang 1994 Only women's RTL in the province
Ningbo RTL Ningbo
Shaoxing RTL Shaoxing
Shiliping RTL Shiliping Farm Jinhua
Tangxi RTL Hangzhou City
Zhoushan RTL Xinsheng Auto Repair Plant Dinghai District, Zhoushan City 1983


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