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Original short description: "70th anniversary Miss World pageant, beauty pageant edition"

Template:Infobox beauty pageant

Miss World 2021 will be the 70th anniversary of the Miss World pageant. Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica will crown her successor at the end of the event.


As of Template:Date, 17 contestants have been selected.

Country/territory Delegate AgeTemplate:Efn Hometown
Template:Flagicon Belgium Céline Van Ouytsel 23 Antwerp
Template:Flagicon Cameroon Audrey Monkam 25 Northwest Region
Template:Flagicon Czech Republic Karolína Kopíncová[1] 22 Brno
Template:Flagicon Ecuador Amar Pacheco 23 Guayaquil
Template:Flagicon France Lou Ruat 20 Aix-en-Provence
Template:Flagicon Guinea Mariame Touré 22 Conakry
Template:Flagicon Indonesia Pricilia Carla Yules 24 South Sulawesi
Template:Flagicon Israel Tali Krasnopolski 18 Tel Aviv
Template:Flagicon Luxembourg Emilie Boland[2] 25 Sandweiler
Template:Flagicon Madagascar Nellie Anjaratiana 24 Antananarivo
Template:Flagicon Mauritius Angélique Sanson[3] 25 Curepipe
Template:Flagicon Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios[4] 20 Managua
Template:Flagicon Poland Karolina Bielawska[5] 20 Łódź
Template:Flagicon Rwanda Naomie Nishimwe 22 Kigali
Template:Flagicon Senegal Ndèye Fatima Dione[6] 22 Fatick
Template:Flagicon Serbia Andrijana Savić 19 Gornji Milanovac
Template:Flagicon Spain Ana García 23 Almería

Upcoming national pageants

Several national pageants have been rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice.

Country Date
Template:ENG 31 July 2020[7]
Template:WAL 8 August 2020
Template:ARM 10 August 2020
Template:SVK 14 August 2020[8]
Template:CYM 29 August 2020[9]
Template:MLT 5 September 2020[10]
Template:ITA 19 September 2020
Template:FIN 19 September 2020[11]
Template:NED 20 September 2020[12]
Template:VEN 24 September 2020[13]
Template:VNM 23 October 2020[14]
Template:RSA 24 October 2020[15]
Template:BUL October 2020[16]
Template:DEN October 2020[17]
Template:BRA 4 March 2021




Last competed in 2013:

Last competed in 2017:

Last competed in 2018:


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