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Nebula has produced a number of original documentaries and series, such as:
Nebula has produced a number of original documentaries and series, such as:
* ''Better Elevation''
* ''Better Elevation''
* ''Planning [[Ancient Rome]]'' by ''City Beautiful''
* ''Planning Ancient Rome'' by ''City Beautiful''
* ''E.D.I.T.H. — The Framing of [[Tony Stark]]'' by ''Dave Wiskus''
* ''E.D.I.T.H. — The Framing of Tony Stark'' by ''Dave Wiskus''
* ''Grant Test Auto'', featuring JT ''Second Thought'' and Joseph ''Real Life Lore''
* ''Grant Test Auto'', featuring JT ''Second Thought'' and Joseph ''Real Life Lore''
* ''The Shocking Chinese Pork Bun Murders'', by ''Kento Bento''
* ''The Shocking Chinese Pork Bun Murders'', by ''Kento Bento''

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Type of site
Video on demand
Available in English
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Founded Template:Start date and age
United States
Area served Worldwide
Owner Standard
Founder(s) Dave Wiskus
CEO Dave Wiskus
Website watchnebula.com
Registration Subscription required to access entire library.
Current status Active

Nebula is a global, independent video-on-demand streaming service started by creators in the Standard creator community. Nebula is meant to complement creators’ other distribution channels, (primarily YouTube).[1] Nebula is operated as a joint venture between Standard and its creators, with profit divided 50/50 between the creators and Standard. The creator pool is paid out based on watch time.[1][2]

Nebula currently has over 90 creators and channels. Much of its content is also on YouTube, but creators also make Nebula Originals which are exclusive to the platform. All of the content is ad-free, and much of the content on the platform is free of sponsor reads (unlike the same videos on YouTube).


The Standard creator community was started by Dave Wiskus, CGP Grey, and Philipp Dettmer to empower independent creators by helping with production resources, design guidance, mentorship, sponsorship, and analytics[3]. The idea for Nebula came from Standard creator community discussions. Nebula launched on May 23, 2019 with about 75 creators[1]. CGP Grey, and Philipp Dettmer left Standard and disappeared as co-founders on all Standard pages in late 2019[4].


Nebula's content library is categorized in these categories: Animation, Explainers, Film & TV, Gaming, History, Music, Originals, Science & Engineering, Technology, and Writing. Content creators on Nebula include boyinaband, BrainCraft, The Great War, hbomberguy, Isaac Arthur, Kat Blaque, Lindsay Ellis, Medlife Crisis, MinutePhysics, PhilosophyTube, Rene Ritchie, Tom Scott, Todd in the Shadows, and Wendover Productions/Half as Interesting.

Nebula has produced a number of original documentaries and series, such as:

  • Better Elevation
  • Planning Ancient Rome by City Beautiful
  • E.D.I.T.H. — The Framing of Tony Stark by Dave Wiskus
  • Grant Test Auto, featuring JT Second Thought and Joseph Real Life Lore
  • The Shocking Chinese Pork Bun Murders, by Kento Bento
  • Tom Hooper's Les Miserables, by Lindsay Ellis
  • MinuteBody and The Illegal Alien by MinuteEarth
  • Mustard — Underwater Aircraft Carriers: Imperial Japan’s Secret Weapon by Mustard
  • Macau: The Story of China’s Golden Child by PolyMatter
  • Dark Side of the Moon and Led Zeppelin's Epics by Polyphonic
  • Debater Theater by Sarah Z
  • The Logistics of D-Day
  • The Paperclip Maximizer
  • Let's Play Outside by TierZoo
  • Tom Scott Presents: Money
  • An Argument Against Reality by Up and Atom
  • A Brief History of Music by Volksgeist
  • The Final Years of Majuro and The World's Most Useful Airport by Wendover Productions
  • Working Titles, with each episode by a different creator.


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