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NuLiv Science is a research institute and ingredient developer with leading market positions in a number of proprietary and clinically-studied nutraceutical ingredient categories with a heightened focus on traditional Chinese medicine. The company maintains operations on three continents with its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, the production and quality control facility in Shanghai, China and the sales an marketing division in Los Angeles, California, United States.


Founded in 1997, NuLiv Science produces a number of validated natural compounds targeted towards the nutraceutical areas of absorption enhancement, cognitive performance, sports performance, weight management, glucose balance, and traditional wellness ingredients.

The research institute partners with a number of global sport nutrition brands, large multi-level marketing companies, and natural health practitioners.[1] The company's botanical ingredient portfolio includes a number of patented and trademarked specialty ingredients.[2]

Intellectual property portfolio

The company rosters a number of nutraceutical ingredients such as:

  • AstraGin® - U.S.-patented ingredient for amplified absorption and bioavailability. Self-affirmed GRAS and kosher certified.
  • ActiGin® - Ingredient for recovery and endurance. The ingredient has a research study available in PLOS One.[3]
  • InnoSlim® - Ingredient for weight management and glucose balance.
  • Acteolin™ - Ingredient for cognitive performance, memory, lung and retinal health.
  • OsteoSine - Ingredient for bone health.
  • Astrion - Ingredient for skincare and anti-aging properties.
  • Verbasnol - Ingredient for antioxidant purposes, oral and topical.

National Product Number

NuLiv Science received a NPN (National Product Number) license from Health Canada, which will allow the company to move one of its patented ingredients, AstraGin® into the Canadian marketplace.[4]


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