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Template:Infobox airline Template:Quote box Ookpik Aviation is a charter airline based around the Baker Lake region in Nunavut,[1] Canada.[2] Ookpik was started in 2012 and still operates currently.[3]


The company Ookpik was founded in 2009 by Boris Kotelewetz in Nunavut, Canada. It started as a charter flight service that transports passengers throughout the Baker Lake region and still are currently. On March 21, 2010 a DHC3 arrived at Angillak Lake, Nunavut and while preparing to unload a cargo of plywood at the bay. The pilot accidentally released the ratchet strap and the load shifted, causing him to lose his footing and fall out of the cargo door of the aircraft. While he was falling his hand became trapped between a piece of plywood and the port wall of the aircraft, seriously injuring his hand (He is ok today). The pilot was attended by the assistant loader and was able to fly the aircraft back to Baker Lake for emergency medical treatment. Many incidents like this one happened to like the one on 18 of August in 2010. A DHC3 was departing Baker Lake with two crew and two passengers, the Otter encountered severe wind shear and experienced a roll upset to the right. Immediate counter control inputs recovered the aircraft to normal. The rest of the flight was completed successfully. During the return flight the pilot noticed a right turning tendency and upon landing in Baker Lake maintenance found damage to the outboard right hand aileron from striking the gravel runway on take off. The Otter was grounded for repairs, which required replacement of the outboard aileron. Winds at the time of take off had been 26 knots, with gusts to 36 knots. During summer 2011 Ookpik Aviation had many contracts for not only transportation for example they had contracts to service an exploration camp at Amer Lake, flying from Baker Lake, on which an Otter DHC3 was used. A look at the type of flights involved shows the work carried out by the Otter:- 7 June, three passengers, camp gear and groceries; 11 June drill gear and groceries; 13 June five flights between 11:30am and 11pm with drill and camp gear; 15 June drill gear, backhaul three passengers, luggage, camp tools and snow machine; 16 June four flights with drill gear; 18 June two flights with drill gear, backhaul skidoo; 21 June two flights, communications gear and supplies; 9 July drill rods, backhaul 22 buckets of samples and ten boxes of incinerator ash; 15 July groceries, backhaul samples, incinerator ash and a passenger; 1 August three flights with drill parts. So in 2011 they had very diverse kind of transports for customers. The next time an otter would be transporting equipment or cargo would of have been in October 2016 when it was carrying fuel drums and various equipment.[4] In July 31, 2013 Ookpik helped in a missing person case when 2 men from America wound up missing in Dubawnt Lake. Ookpik gathered local spotters and their own aircraft to help find those two missing men.[5]


In Febraury 13 2018, Ookpik Aviation had its liscence suspended by Paul Fitzgerald temporarily for operating small domestic planes.[6] However the various licences were reinstated effective February 28, 2018.[7]


Since 2012 Ookpik has had only 2 aircraft a DeHavilland Turbine Super Otter and a Bell 206 Long Ranger.[8] The Super Otter has a maximum horsepower of 1000, and has a Honeywell turbine engine fitted in to be more quieter and more efficient. It also burns less fuel than the previous Pratt and Whitney engine, it also climbs and out performs more than any other configuration for the DHC3. The DHC3 that Ookpik has it has the ability to take off and land on only 200 feet of barren tundra. With its powerful capabilities of climbing to 10,000 feet in less than 5 minutes and to smoothly cruise at 145 knots and only burn 200 liters of fuel per hour, the DHC3 Super Otter has proved to be very successful for Ookpik Aviation.[9] Ookpik Aviation also has a helicopter which is definitely an all-rounder. The Bell helicopter has low fuel consumption first of all at only 130 liters per hour and it has a top speed of 120 MPH. It has a range on a full fuel tank of 400 miles and can last up to 3.5 hours in the air. It can carry up to 6 passengers and features a cargo hook.[10]


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