Paramount College of Natural Medicine

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Template:Self-published Template:COI Paramount College of Natural Medicine (PCNM) is a private college based in Perth, Western Australia. The College delivers accredited courses for study in naturopathy, homoeopathy, western herbal medicine and massage, at the College’s Malaga Campus.

The College was formed in 2003 by Gilliane Burford after she completed her diploma in Natural Medicine in Western Australia and running a practice and natural health product distributorship, Paramount Health.[1] Accreditation was sought with the Training Accreditation Council for Paramount College to deliver selected qualifications from the nationally endorsed Health Training Package HLT02. This Training Package was released in December 2001 and Paramount College of Natural Medicine was first accredited in December 2002.[2]

In 2005, the first of the PCNM’s students graduated with Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy,[3] the first students in Western Australia to graduate while completing all their studies under the new Training Package.

In February 2007, the Training Package HLT02 was replaced by HTL07,[4] which strengthens the qualifications available in the field of natural medicine. Paramount College completed its re-accreditation to the new health training package in December 2007 and was providing qualifications in accordance with the new training package in 2008.