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Prem Baniya (Nepali: प्रेम बानियाँ, born May 4, 1981) is a Nepalese Journalist,[1] and Social Activist recently relocated in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.[2][3][4][5]

Baniya is more distinguished for his research-based news reporting, presentation and interviews shows for the Nepalese news network. Khabar Bhitra ko Khabar at Avenues Television, Jaya Swabhiman (Jai Swabhiman), Power News, and The Real Face at news24, Television, broadcast globally from satellite network Television Channels.[6][3][2] Baniya gained further distinction for his televised Nepali language patriotic show titled "Glory Be to Dignity".[7]

Baniya is also a notable journalist who interviewed the former king of Nepal, Gyanendra Shah.[8][9] On top of that, Baniya interviewed most of the Prime Ministers after the 1990's peoples movements of Nepal.[10][11][12][13][14][15]

Early life and education

Baniya was born in Kunchok, Sindhupalchok, Nepal.[6]

Baniya received his early education in Mahendra Higher Secondary School, Kunchok and later Indreshwari, Melamchi.[6]

Baniya acquired a degree of Bachelor's in Nepali and Sociology from Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Nepal and later pursued a degree of Master's in Mass Communication and Journalism from Purbanchal University, Nepal.[2][3]


2017 - Present

Baniya has been working for 16 years in Nepali Journalism then after he moved to the USA in 201635 with his family as he said for a certain period.[16][17]

He started Jaya Swabhiman from the USA.[18]

Currently, Baniya is a Program Coordinator at the Center for Pan Asian Community Services, a private, nonprofit human services organization in metropolitan Atlanta, headquartered in northern DeKalb County, Georgia, United States. [3][19]

Baniya worked as a News Coordinator at News24 Television, Nepal, for seven years from 2009 till 2016. Baniya was taken on as a Senior Correspondent at Avenues Television, Nepal in 2005, where worked till 2009.

Prior to that, Baniya carried out reporting as a Reporter at Nepal Samacharpatra, News of Nepal from 2001 till 2005.[3] Baniya is also a motivational speaker, he speeches on several platforms also he is a director of some of the patriotic music videos, short films, and documentaries.[20][21][22]

Baniya has been appointed on the board of directors at Sagal Radio Services.[23]


Baniya was a Youth Ambassador for Habitat for Humanity International, Nepal from 2011 to 2015.[24][25][26][27]


Baniya is the author of several books including Bhanjyangma Prem Ka Geetharu, Samayako Aatmahatya (Suicide Of The Time), Jaya Swabhimaan, and Jindagi Moonlight.[28]

Awards and achievements

Baniya is the recipient of the ‘Television Personality of the Year 2013’ award by Television Art Workers Forum of Nepal, ICT Journalist Award and Rastra Sewa Samman 2013.


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