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'''"Put On A Happy Face"''' is a [[Popular song|popular song]] with lyrics by [[Lee Adams]] and music by [[Charles Strouse]].<ref name="broadway scores">{{cite book |last1=Okun |first1=Milton |title=Great Songs–of Broadway: 60 songs aranged [sic] for voice, piano & guitar |date=2003 |publisher=Cherry Land Music Company |location=New York |isbn=1575606585 |pages=222–223 |url=https://archive.org/details/greatsongsofbroa0000unse/page/222?q=%22Put+On+A+Happy+Face%22?q=%22Put+On+A+Happy+Face%22 |accessdate=4 April 2019}}</ref><ref name="Shapiro pop music">{{cite book |last1=Shapiro |first1=Nat |title=Popular Music: an annotated index of American popular songs |date=1964 |publisher=Adrian Press |location=New York |isbn=0810308452 |page=37 |edition=1 |url=https://archive.org/details/popularmusic00nats/page/36?q=%22Put+On+A+Happy+Face%22?q=%22Put+On+A+Happy+Face%22 |accessdate=4 April 2019}}</ref> It was introduced by [[Dick Van Dyke]] in the musical ''[[Bye Bye Birdie]]''.<ref name="Shapiro pop music"></ref>
== References ==
[[Category:Songs with lyrics by Lee Adams]]
[[Category:Songs with music by Charles Strouse]]
[[Category:1960 songs]]

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