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Robert Lovelle Rooks
File:File:Robert Lovelle Rooks.jpg
Rooks outside of Lackland Air Force base.
Born September 19th, 1981 aged 32
Wichita Falls, TX
Nationality American
Occupation Author
Spouse(s) Ansley Rooks

Robert Lovelle Rooks (born September 19, 1981 - ) is an American author of novels and blogs. Rooks was born in Wichita Falls, TX on the Sheppard Air Force Base.[1] He has commonly received 4 and five star reviews on online forums for his “One Life Stand” series and is publishing his latest work “The Guidon Bearer” in Summer 2014.[1] Rooks’ style of realistic fiction has been greatly inspired and influenced by his personal life and experiences.

Early Life and Career

Rooks was born into a military family and aspired to work in the armed services from the time of his youth. His parents are both retired Air Force E-6’s (Technical Sergeants). Moving around a lot as a child, he lived in places such as Athens, Greece and Ramstein, Kaiserlautern, and Wiesbaden, Germany.[1] His hometown is Austin, TX. Rooks began writing at a very young age and started with poems, short stories and music. Rooks also played the trombone, jazz piano and percussion in school, church and clubs.

As an adult Rooks joined the Air Force as an Aircraft Structural Technician, inspiring his latest novel, “The Guidon Bearer.” He was stationed in Little Rock Air Force Base in the Air Force and at Bergstrom Air Base in the Texas Army National Guard or TXANG with the 449th Aviation Support Battalion. He went on to work as a Private Sector Government/Military Contractor and has lived and worked in 9 states as well as several foreign countries, including Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bahrain and Qatar as well as South Korea.[2] He is currently a member of the Air Force Sergeant’s Association.

In 2006 Rooks established a small business and car club called “Do It Big Motorsports” (Team DIBM) that at its peak had hundreds of members. He successfully orchestrated 2 separate car shows, one in Belton, TX in 2009 and the other in Tucson, AZ in 2010.[3]

Rooks is husband to Ansley Rooks and the father of 5 children: Aniyah, Reilend, Jaidyn, Jaixon and Olivia.[2] He lives with his family in Dallas, TX and is a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Arkansas.

Published Works

Rooks’ poem ‘Autumn’ was his first published work in a children’s magazine titled “Sparks”. He has published hundreds of blogs on Facebook, Myspace, WordPress and HubPages. In 2010 he began writing his first series, One Life Stand, in a clamshell in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He completed the series in 2012 and went on to publish all three books that same year. In 2012 he began working on the “Guidon Bearer” which will go on to be published summer 2014.[1]

1. 2012- Truth’s At Distance STORY ONE OF THE ONE LIFE STAND SERIES: Percy James is a young man working overseas in Kuwait dealing with adulthood, parenting and relationships abroad the best we he knows how. On top of the normal day in and day out of a virile and well-put-together successful young man, he’s recently met, made love to and lost touch with a woman he can’t stop thinking about.[2]

2. 2012- Personally Lucky STORY TWO OF THE ONE LIFE STAND SERIES: After almost forgetting about the woman he became enamored with in the last story, being stood up by another and last but not least, finding out his daughter wasn’t his; Percy decides to move back to America and try again with a girl he met in Craigslist. Transitioning, popping the question and being available for the little girl he loves but knows isn’t his keep our main character busy and perplexed.[4]

3. 2012- Best Broken Promise STORY THREE OF THE ONE LIFE STAND SERIES: Percy finally meets the girl he’d moved into his home and almost introduced to Dashia, the girl who was supposed to be his daughter. A terrible break up and two surprises that make everything else in his life seem obsolete occur in the last story of the One Life Stand series.[5]

4. 2014- The Guidon Bearer A BASIC TRAINING STORY: This is a realistic yet fictitious recollection of Rooks’ time in Air Force Basic Training. A story anyone who served in the United States Air Force young and old will be able relate to and anyone who didn’t will find informative and funny.


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