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| name          = Sab Kichu Bhene Pare
| image          = Sab Kichu Bhene Pare (1995).jpg
| image_size    = 220px
| caption        = Eleven edition
| author        = [[Humayun Azad]]
| title_orig    = সব কিছু ভেঙে পড়ে
| orig_lang_code = bn
| cover_artist  = [[Samar Majumder]]
| country        = Bangladesh
| language      = Bengali
| release_number =
| subject        = [[Interpersonal relationship]]
| genre          = [[Novel]]
| set_in        =
| publisher      = [[Agamee Prakashani]]
| publisher2    =
| pub_date      =
| published      = February, 1995
| media_type    = [[Hardcover]]
| pages          = 144<br/>166
| awards        =
| isbn          = 9789844012646
| oclc          = 32891823
| dewey          =
| congress      =
| preceded_by    = [[Chappanno Hazar Borgomile]] (1994)
| followed_by    = [[Manush Hishbe Amar Oporadhshomuho]] (1996)
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'''''Sab Kichu Bhene Pare''''' ({{lang-bn|সব কিছু ভেঙে পড়ে}}, ''Things Fall Apart'') is a 1995 [[Bengali language|Bengali]] [[novel]] written by [[Bangladeshi people|Bangladeshi]] writer [[Humayun Azad]]. It was first published in February 1995 by [[Agamee Prakashani]] in the [[Ekushey Book Fair]] from [[Dhaka]], [[Bangladesh]]. In this novel, Azad has published stories and sequences of [[Interpersonal relationship|physical and emotional]] relationships between men and women; which lead to various questions, and often be seen in the conventional society.<ref name="amarboi">{{citeweb|url=http://www.amarboi.com/2012/12/sobkichhu-bhenge-pore-humayun-azad.html |title=Sab Kichu Bhene Pare |accessdate=2017-11-05|publisher=amarboi.com}}</ref> Considering the structural and point of view, it is a modern biographical novel in Bengali literature.<ref name="munshigonj24">{{cite news |author=Jahabari Ripon |date=August 11, 2008 |script-title=সব কিছু ভেঙে পড়ে : জীবনবাদী শিল্পদ্রষ্টা হুমায়ুন আজাদ |trans-title=Sab Kichu Bhene Pare : Jibanabadi art observer Humayun Azad |url=http://munshigonj24.com/2011/08/12/%E0%A6%B8%E0%A6%AC-%E0%A6%95%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%9B%E0%A7%81-%E0%A6%AD%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%99%E0%A7%87-%E0%A6%AA%E0%A7%9C%E0%A7%87-%E0%A6%9C%E0%A7%80%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%A8%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%A6%E0%A7%80/ |publisher=munshigonj24.com |access-date=September 29, 2018}}</ref>
==Novel's title==
Seems the book's title has a similer tune from ''[[Things Fall Apart]]'' by [[Chinua Achebe]], written in 1958; which main theme concerns pre- and [[post-colonial]] life in late nineteenth century in [[Nigeria]]. The title of the novel comes from a line in [[W. B. Yeats]]' poem "[[The Second Coming (poem)|The Second Coming]]".<ref name="Significance">{{cite web |url=http://www.literary-articles.com/2013/11/things-fall-apart-by-chinua-achebe.html |title=Significance of the Title of the Novel 'Things Fall Apart' by Chinua Achebe |date=2013 |website=www.literary-articles.com |publisher=Literary Articles |access-date=November 4, 2017}}</ref>
* Mahbub &ndash; Bridge engineer
* Feroza &ndash; Mahbub's wife
* Archy &ndash; Mahbub-turquoise couple's daughter
* Rowshon &ndash; Mahbub's childhood girlfriend
* Ananya &ndash; Mahbub's adult-life female friend (younger than Mahbub)
Through the context of the novel, family events emerge as a result of the emergence of the rural society of Bangladesh, as well as the socio-economic conditions of Bengal.<ref name="munshigonj24"/>
==Further reading==
* {{cite news |author=Jahabari Ripon |date=2008-08-11 |title=সব কিছু ভেঙে পড়ে : জীবনবাদী শিল্পদ্রষ্টা হুমায়ুন আজাদ |url=http://munshigonj24.com/2011/08/12/সব-কিছু-ভেঙে-পড়ে-জীবনবাদী/ |publisher=[[Bhorer Kagoj]] |access-date=2017-11-05 }}{{Dead link|date=May 2019 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }}
==External links==
* [https://biblioteket.stockholm.se/titel/533916 Sab Kichu Bhene Pare] at [[Stockholm Public Library|Stockholms Stadsbibliotek]]
* [http://koha.ulab.edu.bd/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=8153&shelfbrowse_itemnumber=12963 Sab Kichu Bhene Pare] at [[University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh|ULAB Library]]
* [https://www.amazon.com/Saba-kichu-bhen%CC%87e-par%CC%A3e-Bengali/dp/9844012643/ref=sr_1_1/140-3726493-1155100?ie=UTF8&qid=1509813378&sr=8-1 Sab Kichu Bhene Pare] at [[Amazon.com]]
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