Silver Turns to Rust

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Silver Turns to Rust is a compilation album from the pop-punk band The Ataris. The album contains music from the last five years of their career. Originally self-released on the Vans Warped Tour in 2017, it was later released by indie label Funk Turry Funk on CD and 12-inch Vinyl in February 2018.[1]

Track listing

Songs taken from the band's Bandcamp. Trash Panda also was featured on the Vans Warped Tour 2017 compilation album.

  1. "All Souls' Day"
  2. "Fast Times at Dropout High"
  3. "12.15.10"
  4. "The Graveyard of the Atlantic"
  5. "Slacker Rock"
  6. "They Live, We Sleep"
  7. "Trash Panda"
  8. "Peel Sessions"
  9. "Beauty Eh?"
  10. "Silver Turns to Rust"
  11. "Some Notes on Bach and Haydn (Demo)"
  12. "You and Your Perfect Li(f)e (Demo)"
  13. "Oh, Kansas City"
  14. "In A City of Forgotten Words"
  15. "Soul And Fire"
  16. "The Boys of Summer" (Demo)

Tracks 1, 3, and 4 are from upcoming album The Graveyard of the Atlantic. Track 2 originally appeared on End Is Forever, but the version here is from The Graveyard of the Atlantic. Tracks 5–10 are from the October in This Railroad Earth EP. Tracks 11–16 are demos. Tracks 13–15 appear on the band's Record Store Day 2015 release. Track 16 originally appears on So Long, Astoria. Tracks 13–16 are bonus tracks on the Kung Fu Records release.


  • Kristopher Roe – lead vocals, bass (1–4), guitar[2]
  • Bryan Nelson – bass (5–10)[3]
  • Thomas Holst – guitar (5–10)[3]
  • Rob Felicetti – drums (5–10)[3]
  • Bob Hoag – drums, keys, percussion, backing vocals (1–4)[2]


  • Flying Blanket – recording location
  • Bob Hoag – audio engineering, mixing, producer
  • Gerald Schoenherr – addition tracks (5–10) engineering[3]
  • The Ataris – producer
  • Kris Roe – audio engineer (11)[4]
  • Dustin Phillips – photography


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