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==External links==
==External links==
* {{IMDb name|2078601}}
* {{IMDb name|2078601}}
* {{https://www.vogue.fr/fashion-culture/article/the-top-5-music-documentaries-to-watch-on-netflix-in-july}}
* [http://www.bigstar.tv/blog/2015/04/30/todays-new-release-hendrix-on-hendrix-a-rockumentary/ Sonia Anderson | Hendrix on Hendrix | Rockumentary Review]
* [http://www.bigstar.tv/blog/2015/04/30/todays-new-release-hendrix-on-hendrix-a-rockumentary/ Sonia Anderson | Hendrix on Hendrix | Rockumentary Review]
* [http://www.bigstar.tv/movie/fifty-shades-uncovered-2015 Fifty Shades Uncovered | Big Star Movie Review]
* [http://www.bigstar.tv/movie/fifty-shades-uncovered-2015 Fifty Shades Uncovered | Big Star Movie Review]

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Sonia Anderson[1] is an independent British documentary film producer and director known for the award winning biopic 'One Direction: All For One' - British Phonographic Industry - Certified Platinum Award [2014] [2][3] and the rockumentary 'Led Zeppelin: Dazed & Confused', 'Outlawed: The Real Phil Lynott', featuring Eric Bell, Brian Robertson and the last filmed interview with the late George Best. Anderson subsequently produced [4]'Fifty Shades Uncovered', a documentary exploring the Fifty Shades of Grey[5] phenomenon, featuring Jenny Eclair, Katie Hopkins and Jamie Dornan. Additional credits include the biopics 'Katy Perry: Getting Intimate', 'Bob Marley Freedom Road' [6] and 'Pink Floyd: Behind The Wall' [7]


  • Fifty Shades Uncovered [2015]
  • 5 Seconds of Summer: So Perfect [2014][8]
  • Katy Perry: Getting Intimate [2014]
  • Pink: Staying True [2013] [9] [10]
  • Hendrix on Hendrix [2013] [11]
  • One Direction: All for One [2012][12][13]
  • Pink Floyd: Behind the Wall [2011] [14][15]
  • Lady Gaga: One Sequin at a Time [2010] [16]
  • Michael Jackson: The Inside Story - What Killed the King of Pop? [2010]
  • Marilyn Manson: Inner Sanctum [2009][17]
  • Led Zeppelin: Dazed & Confused [2009]
  • Michael Jackson: Life of a Superstar [2008]
  • Britney Spears: Unbreakable [2008]
  • Sex Pistols: Agents of Anarchy [2008] [18]
  • Bob Marley Freedom Road [2007] [19]
  • Thin Lizzy: Outlawed - The Real Phil Lynott [2006]
  • Jimi Hendrix: Feedback [2006]
  • Marc Bolan: Ride On [2005]
  • Viva Joe Strummer: The Clash and Beyond [2005] [20]



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