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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Progoti Co-operative Land Development Bank Limited|timestamp=20140101034808|year=2014|month=January|day=1|substed ...For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=Progoti Co-operative Land Development Bank Limited|date=1 January 2014|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • | Non-profit_type = International Community Development Agency, 501(c)(3) US-based nonprofit ...ter awareness of sustainable development practices within the community of development nonprofits.
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  • ...n the world.<ref name=world>{{cite web|title=Nutrition in Nepal:A National Development Priority|url= ...ry objective, the rehabilitation homes also work towards the education and development of their mothers or caretakers and the subsequent education of other women
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  • *[[Ministry of Defence (Sri Lanka)|Ministry of Defence and Urban Development]] **[[Minister of Defence (Sri Lanka)|Minister of Defence and Urban Development]]
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  • ..."brcf" /> Originally entering politics with intentions to give back to his community,<ref name="inswest"> ...onships, in 1991.<ref>"Welcome to Camrose, where fastball is king FASTBALL"Rural Alberta is abuzz with the senior men's fastpitch tourney. Hundreds of picku
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  • ...l of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. Mrs.Geetha belongs to Valmiki community, recognized as SCHEDULED TRIBE Groups of India. ...90, both from Andhra University. Started her career as Officer in Regional Rural Bank, (Godavari Grameena Bank), when she was 20 years and joined service in
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Rural marketing|timestamp=20140310031730|year=2014|month=March|day=10|substed=yes <!-- For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=Rural marketing|date=10 March 2014|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • ...= Industry standards, Conferences, Public Education, Rural ICT Development The Society is targeted at the IT professionals and also user community at large. Hence the membership of the Society is open to all ICT profession
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  • objective of which is '''human development'''. <br /> shri sourabh J sarkar’s speciality lies in the design & development of the path-breaking approach towards<br />
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  • * 401179 - Delta Community Credit Union Visa * 406623 - VISA Debit - LGE Community Credit Union
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  • ''NIRDA - National Integrated Rural Development Agency '' is an [[India]]n [[non-governmental organisation]] started in 198 ...pment Agency was established in 1987 by a group of students of [[Community Development]].
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  • ...licting theories as to the causes of the extinction of the Republic or the development of party politics in the last century before Christ. ...tch the term to encompass not only aristocratic leaders but also Italians, rural dwellers, businessmen, and even freedmen".17 In his Defense of Sestius, Cic
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  • ...oundation currently works in 4 mains areas of education, health, community development and micro-business. The Kokoda Track Foundation strives to be a trusted, ca ...nity Health Work. There is a lack of training facilities throughout PNG in rural areas and the Kokoda College is already becoming a beacon of hope for the r
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  • examine the effects of untreated [[syphilis]] that used a group of poor rural black men as participants. The study continued until 1972, long after treat ...e |first3=E |year=2009 |title=Cascade iatrogenesis: Factors leading to the development of adverse events in hospitalized older adults |journal=International Journ
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  • ...f South Africas Chemical Industry and Its Implications for Chemical Sector Development in Southern Africa."] Instituto de Estudos Socials e Economicos (IESE), Map
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  • ...ives also embraced Islam. These new converts were now added to the Mappila community. Thus among the Mappilas, we find, both the descendants of the Arabs throug Rural sex ratio[36] 944 953
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  • ...5,000 metric ton. Present in most of the metro cities of India and also in rural area and this hybridization helps us to grow faster and Buldana urban becom International community also acclaim Buldana Urban as Dr Sukesh Zamwar managing director buldana ur
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  • ...od development]]. As a child, he grew up in [[Momence, Illinois]], a rural community where both of his parents also held political office: his father as an [[al
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  • ...y]] in general. SENAI Rio's history is paralel to the Brazilian industrial development and its designation acompanies Rio de Janeiro's changes, as when it became aiming Brazilian's [[competitive advantage]] and [[sustainable development]]. Besides the quality of life of workers.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.ab
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  • | industry = [[Humanitarian]], [[Technology]] Development, [[Social Innovation]] ...= [[crowd source]] [[social innovation]], [[crowd source]] [[technology development]]
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  • ...information</u> - CIRJ also provides strategic information to the business community. Punctual case: in 2014, the Funding of Studies and Projects - Finep (a kin used to certify that the legal entity (or individual, in the case of a rural producer) is registered in the Division of Chemical Products’ Control.</r
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  • ...l advocate for PACE, defines its mission as “''to promote and assist the development of PACE programs by state and local governments and provide leadership and ...bau, meaning Reconstruction Credit Institute) is a German government-owned development bank, based in [[Frankfurt]]. The bank was created in 1948 after the [[Seco
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  • ...on]] and attended Granite Hills High School. Lutz continued at [[Grossmont Community College]], then transferred to [[San Diego State University]] to receive hi ...iation focused on the all-in-one market and which specialized in standards development. Lutz worked on national and international standards with the Telecommunica
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  • ...Mantria Corporation, such as a “carbon negative” housing community in rural Tennessee, waste-to-energy plants, and a “[[biochar]]” charcoal substi ...eases and on the web as a $128 million company focusing on green community development, socially responsible investing, distressed real estate fund management, mo
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  • ...permaculture, with a national team working within the schools' curriculum development unit. The [[UN High Commissioner for Refugees]] (UNHCR) has produced a repo The development of permaculture co-founder David Holmgren's home plot at Melliodora, [[Cent
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  • ...ed service by the [[United States Army]], Defense Special Weapons, for his development of chemical weapons safety programs. *1984 Gastrointestinal illness and cannabis use in a rural Canadian community. ''[[Journal of Psychoactive Drugs]]''; 16: 263-265
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  • ...emorial<br>He received ICSA's John G. Clark award for contributions to the development of the Group Psychological Abuse Scale.</ref> ...Williams, Roma D.; Lethbridge, Dona J.; Chambers, William V.; ''Family & Community Health'', Vol 20(2), Jul 1997. pp.&nbsp;13–23
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  • ...olic]] parish in the [[Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo]], located in the rural [[Western New York]] [[Gowanda, New York|Village of Gowanda]], in the count ===Continued development===
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  • DrinkWise's philosophy is founded on industry leadership and community partnerships. It is currently funded by voluntary contributions from alcoho ...kwise-board-of-directors/#] with backgrounds including business, politics, community service, academia, education, research and marketing. Drinkwise's alcohol i
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  • Yöndöru Rural Council: ...structuring of Dimu I Boma. These five major villages formed the Yöndöru rural council. Yöndöru borders Atende Boma of Yei River County to the south; Di
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  • ...vernment}}</ref> was born at Sapahi Village Development Committee (VDC), a rural area in the [[Dhanusa district]] of Nepal. Dhanusa lies in the south-centra ...she spends most of her time Conducting various outreach activities in the community to raise awareness for women's and child’s health issues
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  • “Our interest is the rural as a space for and of [[Cultural production and nationalism|Cultural produc ...roduction within rural environments and the inter-relationship between the rural and the urban as a complex history and reality.<ref>{{cite web|title=http:/
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Agoro Community Development Association|timestamp=20150123083642|year=2015|month=January|day=23|substed <!-- For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=Agoro Community Development Association|date=23 January 2015|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • | focus = Education, Health, Economic development ...ons to realize its vision of sustaining economic prosperity and increasing community engagement.
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  • and their country. The centre seeks to foster a type of campus community life which supplements the formal academic programme of the university. ...eam with a new approach which reflected a great impact amongst the student community. T.S.C. is resounded by the teachers, students of different halls, activist
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  • ...ndian Council of Agricultural Research|ICAR]] for improving the quality of rural life. Though initially the trimester system was followed, from 1973 the sem ...anagers, interior designers, apparel designers, community coordinators for development programmes, university teachers and researchers. Jobs for graduates who ha
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  • ...aded by Mr Marito Reis who is assisted by a Deputy, Mrs Micaela Ximenes, a Development Officer, Mr Marcelino Neto and three administrative staff. ...g all the way to Laga and the presence of an airfield are pleading for the development of tourist facilities in the district.
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  • ...<ref name="Ratner">{{cite book|last1=Ratner|first1=Carl|title=Cooperation, Community, and Co-ops in a Global Era|date=2013|publisher=Springer|location=New York,|last1=Livingston|first1=Jane|title=Mastering Co-op Management|journal=[[Rural Cooperatives]]|date=March 2006|volume=73|issue=2|pages=23–25, 34|url=http
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  • ...ams]] a Republican from Augusta, stole more than $2 million from the local community mental health center.<ref>Robin Williams gets 10 year sentence by Staff, [h ...and political operatives, and five orthodox rabbis from the Syrian Jewish community.
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  • ...Vocational Technical School''' since 2000 Zhang Senzhen came to power, the development speed to speed up the pace of the school, enrollment soaring. Plus 2011 Fen ...nnial Chaozhou city schools, kindergartens aerobics competition. Union and community activities. So is the sports, such as basketball tournament, held three. In
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  • | type = Community Service ..., Environmental and Elderly Care, International Peace, Rural and Community Development, Youth Empowerment, Healthcare Awareness
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  • ...Results of Original Investigation as to the Origin, Derivation, Founders, Development, Aims, Emblems, Character, and Personnel of More Than Six Hundred Secret So ...midt cites periodical ''Brith Sholom News'' and an irregularly published ''Community Relations Digest''</ref> Had 52,596 members in 1917.<ref>Preuss p.170 Cites
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  • ...ef></ref> Among his specialties community eye health,<ref>|Mediumpx|thumbnail|right|Debapriya Mukhopadhyay serving underprivileged community]]
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  • ...eir native land to benefit for their community and participate the ongoing development activities. He has made several researches for the regional agriculture and rural development bureau.
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  • ...2000 in response to the demand for professionals for spatial planning and development. * Housing and Community Planning
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  • [[Telangana Tourism Development Corporation]]{{•}} [[Deccan Development Society]]{{•}}
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  • * Ethiopian Development Research Institute ...[economics]] of [[public policy]] and of risk, theories and experiences of development and poverty reduction, and international, institutional and behavioural [[e
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  • ...[[Library|libraries]] and library support programs in rural schools and [[community center]]s in [[Africa]], [[South Asia]] and the [[Caribbean]] (Agee, 2003; Gateway Service). The organization has developed a model of [[community development]] centered around libraries as practical knowledge centers. With developmen
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  • ...ganization, one of them was model mayor for his Charitable services in the community, and Binidayan was awarded by the national government as one of the most pe ...ok-Radia, wife of Regional Secretary Dimnatang "Dhim" Radia of Cooperative Development Authority-ARMM
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  • # Design and Development # Software Development
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