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  • ...t was created a province of [[British India]] in 1936.<ref>Award of MBE to Khan Bahadur Ghulam Nabi Kazi by the King Emperor of England, January 1939 [http ...index.php/Class-Notes/Class-Notes-Fall-2008.html Class Notes of the Boston University School of Public Health]</ref>
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  • | alma_mater = University of Melbourne ...She has been coordinator of the Early Childhood Programme at the Aga Khan University-Institute for Educational Development since 2003 when the Certificate in Ed
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  • ...he School of Rural Medicine at the [[University of New England (Australia)|University of New England]] in [[Armidale]], [[New South Wales]], [[Australia]].<ref>h ...Karachi. In 1978 she joined the [[Dow Medical College]] (now part of [[Dow University of Health Sciences]]) from where she obtained the MBBS degree in 1984. She
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  • [[File:Sohail Qureshi.jpg|thumb|Sohail Qureshi at CECOS university]] ...a [[Pakistan]]i [[molecular biologist]] and professor of biology at CECOS University in Peshawar, Pakistan. His research interests include [[Regulation of gene
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  • |title =University Of London (Alumni list)| url-status=dead | archive-url = https://web.archiv ..., B.A., Yattoo, G.N., Shah, A.H., Gulzar, G.M., Sodhi, J.S., Mujeeb, S.A., Khan, M.A., Shah, N.A., Shafi, H.M. Pantoprazole infusion as adjuvant therapy to
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