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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=A Course in Miracles - Original Edition|timestamp=20131228063030|year=2013|month=Decemb <!-- For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=A Course in Miracles - Original Edition|date=28 December 2013|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • ...lar biomedical technologies where those have enabled them to fulfill their religious obligations, including the obligation to "[[Cultural mandate|be fruitful an By one estimate, the birth rate for the Hasidic population in the United States was 7.8, versus 3.3 for Modern Orthodox and less for the
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  • ...]] (Ga na jo ha lay gay) located in the Mohawk Valley near Fonda, New York in 1993.<ref>{{Cite web ...Native inmates in the New York State Penal System. His office is located in Albany, New York, but he travels all over the state to meet with Native inm
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  • ...mation Centre''' is an [[Anti-cult movement|anti-cult]] organization based in [[Brisbane]], [[Australia]] that provides resources and information on grou ...ublished source|date=September 2014}}</ref> and their website was launched in 1991.<ref>[ What on Earth is the Cu
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  • {{Infobox religious building 71 East Main Street, is also associated with the Parish and was opened in 1925.<ref name="Directory" /><ref name="History" /><ref name="School">[http
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  • ...ry of health and medicine in Sudan. The physical component of SUMA is kept in SMHF HQ. ...or medical archives and records and serve as memory of health and medicine in Sudan.
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  • ...e life of the university and serves as a sponsor of self-directed activity in which students learn that they are responsible for the welfare of their uni ...ity a varied and interesting programme of cultural and social events. TSC, in the meantime, designated and fixed few dates for some events. For example,
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  • ...n the word "free"]]). Nevertheless, the term "free knowledge" is also used in contexts where the specific meaning of free is clear.<ref name="FKFlibre.or ...derFCMov"/>), inspired by the success of [[commons-based peer production]] in the development of [[libre software]] and [[Wikipedia]], and guided by the
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  • ...nze Medal]] for his contributions to the success of the 23rd Olympiad held in Los Angeles known also as the [[1984 Olympics]]. ...arts, has been responsible for countless murals gracing major developments in the Los Angeles area. Jose Luis Gonzalez was invited by [[Los Angeles]] Co
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  • ...nd why the Middle East continues year after year as the most chaotic place in the world. ...rn Syrian, and supported by numbered of allied groups designated provinces in various parts of the world.
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  • ...lami Jamiat-e-Talbat''' (IJT) is the largest female students' organisation in [[Pakistan]] influenced mainly by the works of [[Abul A'la Maududi]]. It is ...ounded in September, 1969. It has been active in assisting female students in Pakistan. Its main purposes are to spread the message of Islam and to help
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  • ...spirit by combing physical practices and philosophical approaches to life in order to develop the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspec ...versy, Past Sexual Charges Begin Resurfing |url= |publisher= Rediff |language=EN }} </ref>
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  • ...s|{{cleanup|date=January 2016|reason=Some parts of the article are written in Ukrainian and need to be translated to English.}} '''All-Ukrainian Association Social Organizations (AUASO) «Alraid»'''&nbsp; - the first Ukrainian Association of Muslim [[N
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Forward in Faith North America|timestamp=20160418135717|year=2016|month=April|day=18|s ...cussion is closed, please place on talk page: {{Old AfD multi|page=Forward in Faith North America|date=18 April 2016|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=The lost European countries in the 20th century|timestamp=20160509140119|year=2016|month=May|day=9|substed place on talk page: {{Old AfD multi|page=The lost European countries in the 20th century|date=9 May 2016|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • ...-Year...-a061244600 "The Explorers Club Board Elects First Woman President in Its 96-Year History"], ''The Free Library'' © 2016, April 4, 2000, retriev ...ob.”<ref>Faanya L. Rose oral history interview conducted by Mark Katzman in New York City on January 14, 2004, Oral History Project, Unedited Transcrip
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  • ...Pew Research Center |accessdate=3 January 2012}}</ref> and 0.6% in [[Islam in the Americas|the Americas]].<ref name="pewame">{{cite web |url=http://pewfo</ref> [[Druze]] and [[Taiyabi]] communities have survived. In addition, some ''new'' schools of thought and movements like [[Quranist Mus
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  • ...of Spirit Life International Church (SLIC) with headquarters incorporated in [[Nigeria]]. ...ildren born to Chief Ishie Henry Etim and late Mrs. Veronica Afakhame Etim in [[Lagos]] Nigeria. He got the name [[Immanuel|"Emmanuel"]] because he was b
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  • ...News Service]]|accessdate=14 September 2012|location=Virginia, USA}}</ref> in [[Lagos]], [[Nigeria]]. The Pastor of the church is [[William Kumuyi|Willia ...<ref> Ruth Marshall, "Political spiritualities: The Pentecostal Revolution in Nigeria", University of Chicago Press, 2009, page 70 </ref>
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  • ...apology-letter-from-accuser.jpg|thumb|Biased reports on Jung Myung Seok in 1999 and apology letter from accuser]] In 1999, a South Korean media company, the Seoul Broadcasting Station (SBS), made s
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