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  • Ultimately Boothroyd recommended the [[Walther PP|Walther PPK]] [[7.65 mm]] as being the best choice for an automatic of that size, with its [[ammuni * [[9 mm caliber|.35 calibre]] gun carried by the SMERSH gunmen.
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  • ...De La Pedraja|2013|p=148}} Soon a hail of machine gun fire silenced the 75 mm cannons and the rest of the tanks proceeded into the city.{{sfn|De La Pedra ...otel Embajador, where many Americans were waiting to be evacuated, a rebel sniper fatally shot a Marine walking behind a tank. Cliff Benware and Russell Rowe
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  • The '''Otto Repa SOC''' is a [[Semi-automatic firearm|semi-automatic]] [[sniper rifle]] in development by gunsmith [[Otto Repa]] of Germany. ...lar layout to the bolt action [[AMP Technical Services DSR-1|AMP DSR-1]] [[sniper rifle]], and is planned to be available in .[[.308 Winchester|308Win]], [[.
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