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  • | nationality= French ...o]] film ''[[Inglourious Basterds]]''. She is portrayed by [[French people|French]] actress [[Mélanie Laurent]]. <ref>
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  • ...tion)|settings]] taking place on dates across a wide span of time in the [[fictional universe]] of ''Doctor Who'' – the "[[Whoniverse]]". ...oversy regarding these stories]]. Other stories take place on the timeless fictional planet of [[Gallifrey]]; stories set there can be attributed to a distinct
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  • This article lists the fictional characters in Archie's [[Sonic the Hedgehog (comic)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' ...signature ability to fly with his two tails, which he often uses to carry people to safety or attacking flying enemies. Tails is also known for his mechanic
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  • '''''Jackboot Britain''''' is an alternate history [[novel]] by [[English people|English]] [[writer]], [[poet]] and journalist [[Daniel S. Fletcher]].<ref>h '''Maisie''', a [[London]] shop girl encounters the arrogance of [[British people|British]] [[fascists]], and then meets German [[Wehrmacht]] soldier '''Hans
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  • ...o-Nazism]], [[Alzheimer]] disease, [[lobotomy]], politics. The concepts of French psychoanalyst [[Jacques Lacan]] figure in the texts of Ledes' films which a ...ach the romantic comedy. Eventually, the fictional characters and the real people meet—or do they?
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  • ...September 1, 1923 – November 11, 2007) is an American [[Character (arts)|fictional character]] in the [[List of animated television series|animated series]] ' ...the third class of the [[Legion of Honor]], the highest award given by the French government, who gave it to a select handful of American troops for their se
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  • *[[Montour County, Pennsylvania]]: Montour is named for [[Madame Montour]], a French-Indian woman who was involved in [[Native American (U.S.)|Native American]] ...te (trader)|Marinette]], a 19th-century trader who was the daughter of a [[French-Canadian]] trapper and a [[Menominee]] woman.
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  • Arno Dorian is a fictional character in the [[Assassin's Creed]] Franchise. He is also the main protag [[Category:Fictional French people]]
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  • | language = English, French, Russian, Arabic ...d conspiracy theory that implicates the United States and Saudi Arabia, as fictional architects of a major plot to force regime changes in a list of Arab countr
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  • ...I cannot express. You have carved your own statue upon the hearts of your people, you have built your own monument in the memory of your compatriots. ...of the "Fighting 69th," I would like to present one of these flags to the people of Ireland.}}
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  • '''Judy Havelock''' is a [[fictional character]] in the [[James Bond]] short story "[[For Your Eyes Only (short ...tory, but her name was changed to '''Melina Havelock'''. She was played by French actress [[Carole Bouquet]].
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  • ...age)|English]] '''and their [[demonym]]ic equivalents''', which denote the people or the inhabitants of these places. ...''-women'' (e.g. ''an Irishman and a Scotswoman''). The [[French language|French]] terminations ''-ois'' / ''ais'' serve as both the singular and plural [[g
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  • ...speaks five languages and has sung in six in his solo work, including the fictional language ''Thalassian''<ref>{{cite web|url= Phillip is heir to two famous dynasties, English and French. He is the 23rd great-grandson of his namesake, [[King Philip IV]], as wel
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  • ...o" pronounced "Moto" in the English dubbed anime}} is a [[Character (arts)|fictional character]] and the [[protagonist]] of the [[manga]] and [[anime]] series ' ...[[Italian language|Italian]] versions of the manga. The [[French language|French]] and [[German language|German]] localizations use the same pronunciation,
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  • ...who can be verified by reliable published sources. Under Wikipedia policy people may be removed if there is no indication of notability and no sources prese * Larry and Laurent Bourgeois, French duo [[Les Twins]] (1988–)
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  • ...e of the struggle against the United States, the sworn enemy of the Korean people.|[[National Defense Commission of North Korea]]}} ...ref> The statement called the United States the "sworn enemy of the Korean people".<ref>{{cite news|title=North Korea Issues Blunt New Threat to United State
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  • Mattel's fashion doll franchise ''[[Monster High]]'' features a variety of fictional characters, many of whom are students at the titular high school. The femal ...power electronics in a pinch, but most often ends up accidentally shocking people. Her eyes are two different colors and her hair is half black and half whit
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  • ...ploy. That they'll invite several strong Zoanthropes to fight against the people of the United Nations to cause havoc. They will defend the place and take a ...' Ha! The destruction of the Tyron building is almost complete. Only a few people are still trapped in the basement area. My mission is complete. Yūji, my f
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  • Since that time it has been used by many people including [[Daniel Pipes]] referring to moderate Muslims relegating [[Islam ...under complete surveillance by the authorities, mainly by telescreens. The people are constantly reminded of this by the phrase "Big Brother is watching you"
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  • The [[Discworld (world)|Discworld]] is a fictional planet featured in [[Discworld|the novel series]] of the same name. The wor ...s an emblem of its largest and dominant city, [[Ankh-Morpork]]. Most young people who leave the farming areas of the Plains for life in the big city would ha
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