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  • ...k focuses on the adventures of its main character and hero, Alodar, in the fictional land of Procolon. Alodar's self-imposed [[quest]] for much of the book is ...f Wizardry is a simple one, based on the summoning and control of demons. Demons are beings from another reality (not necessarily evil) who possess immense
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  • {{Infobox fictional location The '''Sunnydale High School library''' is a fictional location on the television series ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'', central to
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  • {{Infobox fictional location '''The Magic Box''' is a fictional magic shop in the TV series ''[[Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series)|Buffy
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  • [[Category:Fictional characters with accelerated healing]] [[Category:Fictional characters with superhuman strength]]
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  • ...ore]] and [[fairy tales]], often splicing genuine historical events with a fictional narrative.<ref>{{cite news|last=Jennifer|first=Bowden|title=Duloch Dad's De The Spirals of Danu is the name given to a fictional universe where a petulant [[god]] has been expelled from [[heaven]] and in
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  • '''Allanon''' is a [[fictional character]] from the [[high fantasy|epic fantasy]]<ref>{{cite web |url=http ...where the two needed to go (a place named Safehold), Allanon escaped the [[Demons (Shannara)#The Dagda Mor|Dagda Mor]] and a few of his minions. He later bat
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  • ...8</ref> He created them to bring chaos into the world, and he also created demons for every sphere, as seen in the comic "The Sorcerer". [[Randall Flagg]], t [[Category:Fictional balls]]
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  • {{Infobox fictional location | type = Fictional city
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  • Cheryl Williams is a fictional character in the popular horror movie [[The Evil Dead]]. She was created by ...e and rot, thus killing her and Scotty. Cheryl is either in hell after the demons took her soul, or is peacefully resting.
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  • ...tion)|settings]] taking place on dates across a wide span of time in the [[fictional universe]] of ''Doctor Who'' – the "[[Whoniverse]]". ...oversy regarding these stories]]. Other stories take place on the timeless fictional planet of [[Gallifrey]]; stories set there can be attributed to a distinct
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  • '''Satan''' is a fictional character from the Spawn universe and the absolute ruler of [[Hell]]. It would seem that Satan is highly feared by the other demons in Hell. For example: with the recent reappearance of Satan in Hell, Mammo
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  • '''Thamuz''' is a fictional character and the master of tortures in Hell who has taken it upon himself ...glamour spell over other beings. He did this to Spawn by making low-level demons appear to him as though they were his entire [[Rogues gallery]]. Being a h
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  • ...cover and paperback release book covers showing [[List of 1632 characters (fictional)#Anne Jefferson|Anne Jefferson]] posing for four Dutch and Spanish Master A === "If the Demons Will Sleep" ===
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  • ...n he tells Connor, Lisa and Laura exactly told them what happened with the demons. He is then thrown back into the mental institution. ...Grady]] releases him from the institute after telling Grubbs that he knows demons are real and Grubbs moves in with him. Grubbs starts a new life with Dervis
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  • Set in the fictional world of Leinadia, the books focus on a teenage elf named Flé and the war ...n again. Wielding their great swords, the seven fought back the hordes of demons and the demonking Daethkus, sealing them away in their own world. When it
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  • '''Jason Wynn''' is a fictional character in the [[Todd McFarlane]] [[comic book]] series ''[[Spawn (comics ...essence of what [[Hell]] is made of in the ''[[Spawn (comics)|Spawn]]'' [[fictional universe|universe]]. The sample that Wynn obtained from the demon lord was
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  • ...t (fictional) book based on background from Bujold's three books in this [[fictional realm]]. ''The Fivefold Pathway'' does not exist as an independent book. Th happened is unclear. From him, the Bastard inherited control of all the demons he had overcome.
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  • |"[[Angels & Demons (film)|Angels & Demons]]" |Another Fictional Great Wall (with audio of [[Donald Trump]] saying, "I would build a [[Mexic
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  • The '''Eye of [[Agamotto]]''' is a fictional mystical item appearing in books published by [[Marvel Comics]], in particu ==Fictional history==
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  • | genre = [[Fictional crossover|Media crossover]], [[Documentary film|Web-based documentary]] ...tick" (Chad James) presented by [[ScrewAttack]]. The show pits two or more fictional characters from different medias such as [[movies]], [[comics]], [[manga]],
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