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  • '''Ratchet''' is a [[character (arts)|fictional]] robot superhero character in the [[Transformers]] robot superhero franchi [[Category:Fictional pacifists]]
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  • This is a list of planets, fictional or otherwise, that are mentioned in the British science fiction television ...he Metulla Orionsis system was the densely forested homeworld to a race of pacifists and the centre of the Traken Union. It was first seen in ''[[The Keeper of
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  • '''Finarfin''' ({{IPA-art|fiˈnarfin}}) is a fictional character in [[J. R. R. Tolkien]]'s [[legendarium]], featured in ''[[The Si [[Category:Fictional military captains]]
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  • {{Infobox fictional race Despite their unprovoked attack, the Mysterians claim to be [[Pacifism|pacifists]], using mild force at first to prevent large-scale conflict later. Mysteri
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