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  • [[ Fukuoka ]] is a fictional model seems to be the " Fukufuku Prefecture " The initial </ref> in Tokyo , : Automobile magazine editor-in-chief of the fictional "Weekly motor jump" . The person who planned and organized the Cannonball t
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  • This article lists the fictional characters in Archie's [[Sonic the Hedgehog (comic)|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' ...Prince Manik Acorn, Princess Sonia Acorn, Melody Prower, Skye Prower, the twins Jacques D'Coolette & Belle D'Coolette, and Argyle the Crocodile whom she ha
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  • '''Satan''' is a fictional character from the Spawn universe and the absolute ruler of [[Hell]]. ...appreciation for humanity and change their ways. This plan failed, as the twins simply became more insane than before and wreaked further chaos on Earth. G
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  • '''God''' is a [[fictional character]] featured in the ''[[Spawn (comic book)|Spawn]]'' series. He ap ...ppreciation for humanity and change their ways. This plan failed while the twins began to wreak further chaos on Earth. Knowing that Hell could break throu
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  • This is a list of moons and asteroids in the fictional ''[[Star Wars]]'' saga. '''Dxun''' is the [[natural satellite|moon]] of [[Onderon]], a [[fictional planet]] in the [[Star Wars]] [[universe]] that appears in the [[video game
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  • '''Margaret J. "Peggy" Hill''' (née '''Platter''') is a [[Character (arts)|fictional character]] in the [[List of animated television series|American animated s ...ghly of her as she herself does. Upon meeting Eduardo Felipe, star of the fictional ''Monsignor Martinez,'' she believes he wants to have an affair with her.<r
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  • ;Coffee Twins ...troduced when each of them had the same coffee mug, hence the name "Coffee Twins."
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=List of twins|timestamp=20150408033303|year=2015|month=April|day=8|substed=yes|help=off}} <!-- For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=List of twins|date=8 April 2015|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • ...ofessor, who was taking Eaton and Emmy on a holiday trip. Rescued with the twins by the Pie Rats after a Pie shooting demonstration, Tribble's academic know [[Category:Fictional mice and rats]]
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  • Mattel's fashion doll franchise ''[[Monster High]]'' features a variety of fictional characters, many of whom are students at the titular high school. The femal ...e of Spectra's "invented backstories" that Toralei approved to spread. The twins have never yet actually spoken, though they do sometimes meow and hiss.
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  • '''Trinity''' is a [[fictional character]] in [[The Matrix (franchise)|''The Matrix'' franchise]]. She is ...e to drive while helping Morpheus protect the [[Keymaker]] from one of the twins. She also carries the Keymaker to safety on a [[Ducati 996]] motorcycle in
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  • * [[Siamese twins]], conjoined twins — [[Siam]], old name for Thailand ...tian]], meaning very small in size — [[Lilliput and Blefuscu|Lilliput]], fictional island in the book ''[[Gulliver's Travels]]''
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  • Flavia is one of four fictional protagonists in the Roman Mysteries series. She lives with her father, whom Jonathan is one of four fictional protagonists in the Roman Mysteries series, the second eldest of the four.
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  • The '''Hotchkiss family''' is a wealthy family living in the fictional town of [[Harmony (Passions)|Harmony]] on [[NBC]]/[[DirecTV]]'s [[soap oper ...once more. However, in August 2004, Theresa discovers that she is carrying twins - Ethan and Gwen's son, and her and Ethan's daughter. When Theresa is infor
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  • The '''{{nihongo|Protodeviln|プロトデビルン|Purotodebirun}}''' are a fictional race of [[Extraterrestrial life|alien]] beings hailing from an adjoining su ==Fictional Race History==
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  • * [[Gleek (Super Friends)]] - the [[Wonder Twins]]' pet monkey [[Category:Lists of fictional animals| Superheroes]]
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  • ...eared in the same television series in more than one role, such as playing twins, clones of a character, a doppelganger, look-alike relative, or completely ...[[Anger Management (TV series)|Anger Management]] episode Charlie and the twins (Season 2 episode 49)
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=House of Haldane (fictional)|timestamp=20170129143216|year=2017|month=January|day=29|substed=yes|help=o ...closed, please place on talk page: {{Old AfD multi|page=House of Haldane (fictional)|date=29 January 2017|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Fictional locations in The Railway Series|timestamp=20170212190451|year=2017|month=Fe ...Once discussion is closed, please place on talk page: {{Old AfD multi|page=Fictional locations in The Railway Series|date=12 February 2017|result='''keep'''}} -
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  • Colonies of Man,''' also called '''the Twelve Colonies of Kobol,''' are fictional locations that constitute the principal human civilization in the ''[[Battl ...first line of defense against Cylon invasion. This force of [[Battlestar (fictional spaceship)|Battlestars]] and [[Colonial Viper|Vipers]] has held the Cylons
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