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  • {{About|the film by Andy Warhol|other uses|Blue movie (disambiguation)}} | director = [[Andy Warhol]]
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  • ...first of which was for "[[Flower (Soundgarden song)#Music video|Flower]]", by [[Soundgarden]]. Much of his work was shown on MTV's alternative music prog ...e Director’s Lab during that same year.<ref>[ "Mark Miremont's White Ocean at The Sundance Institute"] Accessed onli
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  • ...ree Sons]]''. Chris is a native of Los Angeles and got his start at [[Andy Warhol]]'s Interview Magazine and [[Roger Corman]]'s [[Concorde Pictures]] before Since then he has completed the feature films Fashion Murder Groove and Stateless which remain unreleased.
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  • {{See also|List of artists influenced by Michael Jackson|List of Michael Jackson records and achievements}} ...ave defined a category of contemporary popular music that is characterized by fusions of different eras, styles, media and genres, but is also rooted in
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