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  • ...o medical services available at the [[United States Department of Veterans Affairs]], he learned his drinking was affecting his liver which led him to quit. H .../27/08], accessed April 3, 2012</ref> He also visits schools to talk about military recruitment and service.<ref>[
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  • ...ding the [[U.S. Department of Agriculture]], [[U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs]], [[U.S. Department of Commerce]], [[U.S. Department of the Treasury]], [[ ...web|publisher=Military Advanced Education|url=|title=Saving T
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  • {{Infobox military person ...present the memorial panel to the [[United States Department of Veterans Affairs]].<ref name="gazette" />
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  • ...'write stuff''' (Jan 2002), Marine Corps Times</ref> documenting American military action and providing it for broadcast throughout the international media. the U.S. military post-9/11.<ref name="corps_times"/> He was the first military reporter in [[Pakistan]] and [[Afghanistan]] right after the terrorist atta
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  • Rooks was born into a military family and aspired to work in the armed services from the time of his youth ...tion Support Battalion. He went on to work as a Private Sector Government/Military Contractor and has lived and worked in 9 states as well as several foreign
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  • ...irst = }}</ref> He directs and manages external communications, government affairs, public relations and community investment.<ref name=":3">{{Cite web|url = ...the very freedom your storytellers enjoy in weaving their false narrative, military students earned the benefits afforded them under the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill.,
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  • exiles, criminals, or persons vying with one another for some office or military command. Factions arose repeatedly, with chiefs aspiring to sole rule, some ...traditionally aristocratic offices to certain wealthy popular leaders and military men. Senatorial capitulation when dealing with theses new influential polit
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  • Another plot line involves a group of anti-fascist freedom fighters who are veterans of the [[Spanish Civil War]], and are now members of the [[British Resistan ...gland]], a zone only recently scarred by resistance to the arriving German military forces, the continuing instability is depicted in [[Leeds]] as young [[Jewi
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  • The Hon. [[Lester B. Pearson]], Liberal Secretary of State for External Affairs, congratulated the Ottawa group "...on its work to extend and consolidate i *Ending the use of military force save in the common interest to maintain peace and to prevent aggressi
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  • ...gan University, Michigan State Police, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and the Department of Technolog ...k participated in cybersecurity exercises with similar teams at West Point Military Academy and at the California National Guard.<ref>{{cite news |date= March
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  • ...also with a specialty in writing about the U.S. space program and military affairs (among other subjects, he has written about events at Joint Base McGuire-Di a nephew of [[Soenario]] (1902–97), Indonesia's [[minister of foreign affairs]] from 1953 to 1955; and [[Subagio Sastrowardoyo]] (1924–95), a noted poe
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Military history of Pakistani Americans|timestamp=20141120064402|year=2014|month=Nov <!-- For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=Military history of Pakistani Americans|date=20 November 2014|result='''keep'''}} --
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  • ...lly troublesome in the midst of the [[War of 1812]]. Despite the intensive military operations, apparently no serious thought was given{{By whom|date=May 2010} #[[United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs|Secretary of Veterans Affairs]]
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  • ...-veterans-on-memorial-day-and-wearing-a-green-armband|title=Remembering Bi Veterans on Memorial Day – and wearing a Green Armband|publisher=}}</ref> ...9, during formal hearings held before the U.S. House Committee on Veterans Affairs: Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.<ref name=glaad>{{cite web|ur
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  • {{Infobox military unit .../forcestruc/spdes-123-arng.html| publisher= [[United States Army Center of Military History]]| date = 21 April 2010| accessdate = July 14, 2010| archiveurl = h
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  • ...Primary Care: A Systematic Review". Washington DC: Department of Veterans Affairs. PMID 23487872. Lay summary – Pubmed Health (plain English).
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  • ...], Israeli Prime Minister [[Benjamin Netanyahu]], [[American Israel Public Affairs Committee|AIPAC]], and Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran largely criticize t ...ght to inspect Iran's facilities, including that of [[Parchin]] to prevent military-related developments.<ref name="autogenerated1"/>
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  • ...ursing capacity. She died in her sleep in [[Texas]] at the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center at the age of 107. *[[Veterans of the First World War who died in 2004]]
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  • {{Infobox military person ...itish Army]], citing not only the "illegal" tactics of the [[United States military]] and policies of the "[[Coalition of the willing]]" forces but also that t
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  • ...ction Ribbon]]<br>[[File:Outstanding Volunteer Service ribbon.svg|30px]] [[Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal]] ...d the founder of the nonprofit [[The Mission Continues]], which encourages veterans to volunteer for community service.<ref>Phillips, Dave [http://www.nytimes.
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