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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=Biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the New York metropolitan area|timestamp=20161223195428|year=2016|month= ...please place on talk page: {{Old AfD multi|page=Biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the New York metropolitan area|date=23 December 2016|result='''keep'''}}
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  • • Establish partnerships with a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company to assist in further development and commercializa [[Category:Retail companies of the United States]]
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  • ...of industries, including [[manufacturing]], [[retail]], [[health care]], [[pharmaceutical]], [[engineering]], [[finance|financial services]], and [[legal|legal servi Feith Systems is one of the largest independent, family-owned companies in Enterprise Content Management, despite rapid and widespread consolidatio
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  • '''Flamel Technologies''' is a pharmaceutical company engaged in developing therapeutics of polymer based technology. The ...ished joint development agreements with major international pharmaceutical companies such as [[GlaxoSmithKline]], and [[Merck Serono]], Digna Biotech, S.L., and
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  • ...he Plain Dealer| date=2012-02-29}}</ref> Dr. Stamler has co-founded five companies and is the author of more than 125 patents, and has been recognized by the ...oncept]] and then out-licensed via strategic alliances with pharmaceutical companies.<ref>
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  • ...] research company that provides analysis of the worldwide [[Telecoms]], [[Pharmaceutical]], [[Energy]], [[Metals]] and [[defense (military)|Defence]] industries. Th ...steoporosis & Bone Metabolism Disorders, Global Pain Relieving Drug in the pharmaceutical sector, or Mobile VoIP, Mobile Advergaming and Ad-Funded Gaming, Service De
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  • ...ecame part of the Tonghua Dongbao enterprise group, and in 1994 Dongbao Pharmaceutical stock was launched on the Shanghai stock exchange. * [[Pharmaceutical industry in the People's Republic of China]]
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  • ...e. ...<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref> as well as assist pharmaceutical companies in developing new drugs for CNS disorders.
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  • ...ife sciences [[consultancy]], and a [[blog]]ger on topics related to the [[pharmaceutical industry]] under the pen name “DrugBaron”.<ref name="Index_Bio">{{cite ...e at Cambridge University, Grainger also founded several [[life sciences]] companies, including FingerPrint Diagnostics (2001), Funxional Therapeutics (2005) an
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  • ...iness executive. During his career, he has focused on building sustainable companies. He currently is Managing Partner at 7wire Ventures, a [[venture capital f .../}}</ref> in Pharmaceutical Commerce, and a piece discussing the information gaps in the US healthcare
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  • ...sion-makers and influencers in North America. It has successfully assisted companies of all sizes with their efforts to broaden their markets in Europe - from i the State of Hessen as a premium business location to U.S. and Canadian companies and investors
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  • ...[Albany, New York]]. AMRI has announced deals and collaborations with such companies as [[Pfizer]] Inc., [[Merck & Co.]], [[Eli Lilly and Co.]], [[Takeda]], [[G ...ranked No. 317 on the Deloitte and Touche list of fast growing technology companies in North America.
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  • {{notability|Companies|date=October 2012}} * Richard Barker, General Director, [[Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry]]
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  • ...nts will vary from business analytics. Needs will vary by market. In the pharmaceutical industry industry, reporting systems must offer support to meet the regulat ...and through their channels (direct sales, distributors and representative companies). Major OEMs include Wonderware, Eurotherm and Indusoft (owned by Invensys
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  • ...ustry|alcohol corporations]], and [[Pharmaceutical industry|pharmaceutical companies]].{{Fact|date=May 2014}} All of these groups are lobbying to protect their ...their populations at peak profit levels, while alcohol and pharmaceutical companies see it as a competing good that reduces their market shares.
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  • | industry = [[pharmaceutical company|Pharmaceuticals]] '''Kenrico''' is a [[pharmaceutical company]] headquartered in [[Shimada, Shizuoka]], Japan. Established in 198
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  • ...el has worked for companies ranging from financial planning and banking to pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.<ref name=Security>[ ...describes how teenagers with computer skills are working for technological companies.<ref>Guernsey, Lisa. [
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  • ...which has caused widespread interest in the pharmaceutical and biomedical companies that are doing the research on marijuana. ...hare. People I knew told me it was risky but I did my research on the top companies in the industry and also read the press releases the mainstream media doesn
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  • * Pharmaceutical, electronic, textile, toys and food industries [[Category:Companies of Hong Kong]]
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  • ...On the other hand, the majority of clinical trials today are sponsored by pharmaceutical industries and most of them aim at demonstrating effectiveness and safety o ...On the other hand, the majority of clinical trials today are sponsored by pharmaceutical industries and most of them aim at demonstrating effectiveness and safety o
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  • {{notability|Companies|date=July 2014}} ..., small molecule inhibitors in clinical trials, FDA-approved drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients etc.
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