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  • St. James has also acted on stage in productions primarily in the California area.<ref name="Film Reference"/ [[Category:Male actors from Hawaii]]
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  • ...however, the deal never came to fruition as he would not join the [[Screen Actors Guild]]<ref name=MyspaceLights>{{cite web|last=Kozielski|first=Walter|title ...with a chainsaw in July 2012 as his son Nigel played live on the Roadhouse stage. The desk remains in the studio/office with a plexiglass top to this day.
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  •|publisher=Behind the Voice Actors|accessdate= December 18, 2013|year=2012}}</ref> She is known for her work i Morgan Garrett] at Behind the Voice Actors
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  • been doing this for 60 years and i still get nervous every time i go on stage." ...and Ken M. were hired at '''Neptune Theatre''' that fall in Halifax to be stage manager and designer, respectively. Richard also worked with the Tritons,
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  • Salazar has spent most of his acting career on stage, but has recently made a jump into [[film]] and [[film making]]. He is the ...udied and graduated from the Stella Adler Studio in [[Los Angeles]], where actors such as Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Benicio del Toro, Harvey Keitel, and
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  • ...ance in the comedy My Hero in the following year. At this time he used the stage name "Alex Thorne". After a period away from acting, he appeared in the fil [[Category:20th-century English male actors]]
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  • ...e had never portrayed Mike Logan in ''Cannibal Ferox''. Radice created his stage name, John Morghen, by taking the anglicized form of his first name (Giovan [[Category:Italian film actors]]
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  • ...]], England, UK) is a [[United Kingdom|British]] actor who has featured on stage, in film and on [[television]] in various roles, including that of pensione [[Category:English male soap opera actors]]
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  • ...cess-date=2016-07-22}}</ref><ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=This week's new comedy|last=Kettle| [[Category:British film actors]]
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  • .... Daoud''' is a poet, a playwright, Professor and researcher in acting and stage production. He holds a degree in Cinema and Theatre Studies from [[Paris 8 ...1986, and later at the Fine Arts Institute since 1996) in which he trains actors using the method he created and named "Sufi Method" or "Total Method". The
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  • ...provision, e.g. production processes or servicizing products in the design stage, as well as on consumption systems, i.e. the way product functions and serv ...fers and/or expand the emergence of networks of actors, since new types of actors need to be involved when utilisation and not products are sold;
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  • ...The series of shows featured the work of writers, directors, musicians and actors who debuted new material to a live audience. The shows had a comedic leanin The series was the development ground for a number of artists who went on to stage further shows in the [[Dublin Fringe Festival]] and beyond.
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  • ...his proved to Freddie that performing was his dream and loved being on the stage, in 2008 he returned to [[Hall for Cornwall]] for the dance show. ...die saw [[Lee Evans]] on TV in 2008 and found it inspiring how he owns the stage and uses his whole body to make people laugh instead of just talking. Fredd
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  • He has [[acting|acted]] and stage performance since his early age. Between 1994 and 1996 he acted in the comm [[Category:20th-century male actors]]
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  • ...lling Thunder tour partly because she was going to be one of the principle actors in the movie, playing roles such as a prostitute and a woman named Clara. D ...nd' with a howl of anger, twisting into regret as his family stood just of stage. The performance was grimly fascinating for those who saw it live as well a
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  • ...amming, if show control systems are used in that production. Outside of [[stage lighting]] the job of a Lighting Designer can be much more diverse and they ...('blocking') during different scenes, and will receive updates from the [[stage manager]] on any changes that occur. The LD will also make sure that he or
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  • ...talking about the process of a production created in the [[Globe Theatre]] stage in the 16th Century may be not an easy task for teachers.<ref>'Giving Liter ...mselves. The users can look at virtual buildings structure, the lay out of actors, audience, set and costume through very detailed capturing of the theatres.
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  • ...Administration degree, Baratono began acting in the performing arts, doing stage and dinner theater periodically, throughout his working years. Baratono als [[Category:American male film actors]]
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  • ...s called “mixers”) and one soloset (wherein an improviser takes to the stage by themselves) followed by a rotating series of longer or more involved pro ...e of improvised illustration, and auto-animation projected onto/behind the actors in the scenes using an overhead projector ''(conceived by Mark Andrada)''
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  • ==Stage, film, and television career == ..., Colella says, when she would have been reluctant to portray a lesbian on stage much less talk about her sexuality openly. But in recent years her outlook
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