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  • ...Political shows on the radio. Marcus Blake makes his home in the Dallas, Texas and is a National Literary Awards Winner. He won the 2008 American Book Cho ...rved for over a year until a training accident caused him to be discharged from the military. He briefly served as a teacher in the public school system bu
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  • | residence = Austin, Texas, United States of America ...and has won a chapter award from the West Houston chapter of the [[Romance Writers of America]]. deWolfe is also a certified peer counselor and group facilita
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  • ...te=It was only when I discovered the Gnostic religious mythology initially from Hans Jonas’s ''The Gnostic Religion''...that I was truly moved by a syste ...University]].<ref name=yale/> In 1992 he received the Award in Literature from the [[American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters]].
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  • | birth_place = Fink, [[Grayson County, Texas]], U.S. ...aize-c.html 2009 Interview] by Julie Compton for [[International Thriller Writers]]
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  • ...ampaign. He played in the [[U.S Army All-American Bowl]] in [[San Antonio, Texas]] in 2011. ...inoles football|Florida State]], he re-committed to Notre Dame over offers from [[Florida Gators football|Florida]] and [[Miami Hurricanes football|Miami]]
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  • |headquarters = Houston, Texas ...te-manosphere/story?id=20579038 |title=Women Battle Online Anti-Women Hate From the 'Manosphere' }}</ref> and video,<ref>{{cite web|url=http://abcnews.go.c
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  • ...or]] from the [[University of Virginia Law School]] in 1991, and a [[PhD]] from [[Johns Hopkins University]] in 1997.[ ...torneys General, and Executive Branch Wrongdoing'' (College Station, Tex.: Texas A&M University Press, 2012).''
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  • He wrote an estimated 300 novels. The lists below are compiled from copyright records at the Library of Congress. * ''Stringer in a Texas Shoot-Out'' (1989)
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  • Texas Historical Association]] meeting in [[Lubbock, Texas|Lubbock]], [[Texas]] (2011) | occupation = [[Historian]]<br>[[Professor]] at [[West Texas A&M University]]
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  • ...involved from the outset in the creation of many top quality golf courses from Kashmir to the Caribbean including [ The Wisley Go ...s II. He was Director of Operations for the London office covering an area from the Caribbean to India. During this period, over 20 successful golf clubs w
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  • ...rl= |title=2016 Writers Retreat Fellows |last=Sawyer |first=Kyle|date=2016-04-08 |newspaper=Lambda ...ily, the Smiths and Scotts of [[Marshall, Texas|Marshall]] and [[Longview, Texas]], have resided in [[Pasadena]] [[California]] {{citation needed|date=Septe
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  • ...was born into a military family and aspired to work in the armed services from the time of his youth. His parents are both retired Air Force E-6’s (Tec ...Rock Air Force Base]] in the Air Force and at Bergstrom Air Base in the [[Texas Army National Guard]] or TXANG with the 449th Aviation Support Battalion.
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  • ...8|title = Look at Problems From an Outsider's POV and 4 More Business Tips From the Week|last = Eha|first = Brian Patrick|website = Entrepreneur}}</ref><re ...the [[University of Pennsylvania]] with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the [[Wharton School]].<ref>{{cite web|url=
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  • | office= Member of the [[Texas House of Representatives]] |office2=[[Alief, Texas|Alief]], [[Harris County, Texas|Harris County]], [[School Board]]
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  • {{Article for deletion/dated|page=List of Contemporary Writers of the American West|timestamp=20140521031914|year=2014|month=May|day=21|su <!-- For administrator use only: {{Old AfD multi|page=List of Contemporary Writers of the American West|date=21 May 2014|result='''keep'''}} -->
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  • ...rned at [[Ball State University]] in 1983, and the Ph.D in library science from [[International University, Cambodia|International University]]. ...ic libraries in the [[District of Columbia]], [[Virginia]], [[Indiana]], [[Texas]], [[Florida]], and lectured the following courses: Controversial Issues in
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  • ...cket: Full Disclosure |date=2009|publisher=BenBella Books|location=Dallas, Texas|isbn=978-1933771-68-7|accessdate=14 June 2014}}</ref> He is a frequent gues ...June 2014}}</ref> As a teenager he played the drums in several local bands from which he said he earned a surprisingly good amount of money.<ref>Boyter (20
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  • This case shares some similarities with the [[Del Rio, Texas UFO Crash]] of 1955, which also involved an aerial encounter between an F-8 ...ything." High altostratus clouds and night flying conditions prevented him from making any visual contact.<ref name=uk />
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  • ...He graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Music, Studio Music and Jazz Vocal from the University of Miami in 1986. Two days after Perez-Feria graduated from college and on a hand shake agreement, he began a 15 year partnership with
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  • ...nathon Muir) had all attended [[McCallum High School]] with him in Austin, Texas. Their team, The Knights, is part of the UT Intramural Sports Wall of Fame ...ame message board. Ketchum has also stated that "nearly 20-percent" of the Texas A&M football program was "behind bars", which also was later proven to be i
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