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| name                = Thomas Christopher West
| office              = [[California State Senate|California State Senator]]
| birth_date          = {{birth date|1868|4|28}}
| image              = File:Thomas Christopher West.png
| birth_place        = [[Orangeville, Ontario]], Canada
| alma_mater          = [[Trinity College, Dublin]] ([[Bachelor of Arts|BA]], 1887)
| spouse              = {{marriage|Maud Stanley Mishaw|1906}}
| termstart          = 1923
| termend            = 1929
| party              = [[Republican Party (United States)|Republican]]
| image_size          = 150px
'''Thomas Christopher West''' (born April 28, 1868) known by his first initials as '''T. C. West''', was an American politician and lawyer. In the 1920s, West represented District 14, then centered in [[Alameda, California|Alameda]], in the [[California State Senate]]. Before his career in politics, he was an attorney in private practice in [[San Francisco]].
== Early life ==
West was born in [[Canada]],<ref>{{cite book|last1=Vassar|first1=Alexander C.|url=http://media.onevoter.org/reports/Legislators_of_California.pdf|title=Legislators of California|date=2011|accessdate=23 November 2016}}</ref> and practiced law in [[Toronto]] in a government position before moving to California in 1899.<ref name=":0">{{cite news|last=Lady Teazle|date=March 29, 1906|title=Society|page=7|work=[[San Francisco Chronicle]]|id=[[ProQuest]] document id 251313150}} {{PD notice}}</ref><ref name=":1">{{Cite book|last=Bates|first=J. C|url=https://archive.org/details/historyofbenchba00bate/page/549/mode/1up|title=History of the Bench and Bar of California|date=1912|publisher=Bench and Bar Publishing Company|year=|isbn=|location=San Francisco|pages=|language=English|oclc=1046047449}}</ref> He also practiced in [[Calgary]].<ref name=":1" />
After moving to the US, West served in the Army, as a legal officer for the [[Quartermaster General of the United States Army|Quartermaster General]] in the Philippines during the [[Spanish–American War]].<ref name=":0" />
As of 1905, he was corresponding secretary for the British and American Union in San Francisco.<ref>{{cite news|last=|first=|date=October 1905|title=British and American Union|volume=18|page=14|work=The British-Californian|issue=1|url=https://archive.org/details/britcalioct1905unse/page/13/mode/1up|url-status=live|access-date=}}</ref>
He married Maud Stanley Mishaw, from [[Austin, Texas]],<ref name=":0" /> on April 4, 1906.<ref name=":1" />
== Legal career ==
West was a lawyer in San Francisco in the early 20th century.
In 1903, he helped to represent a woman who claimed to be the widow of a then-recently deceased man from Toronto named Eli Hyman, in order to assist her in obtaining Hyman's fortune.<ref>{{cite news|date=January 1, 1903|title=Claims to Be a Rich Man's Widow|page=4|work=[[San Francisco Chronicle]]|id=[[ProQuest]] document id 573213538}}</ref>
In 1904, he was involved in [[Attachment (law)|attachment]] litigation with respect to the assets of Wah Chung Lung, Tee Mee Toy, and Dick WIlliams, a group of merchants in San Francisco.<ref>{{cite news|date=November 28, 1904|title=Chinese Want Money Back|page=9|work=[[San Francisco Chronicle]]|id=[[ProQuest]] document id 573454219}}</ref><ref>{{cite news|last=|first=|date=November 30, 1904|title=Lee Mee Toy Wants Attachments to Remain|page=15|work=[[San Francisco Chronicle]]|url=|url-status=live|access-date=|id=[[ProQuest]] document id 573451728}}</ref>
In 1918, he appeared before the [[United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit]], representing the Illinois Surety Company.<ref>''Illinois Surety Co. v. United States'', 251 F. 823 (1918).</ref>
In 1923, he sought an injunction against the [[Industrial Welfare Commission]] on behalf of Helen Gainer, because an order of the Commission prevented her from being employed in a candy factory for $6 (now around ${{Inflation|index=US|value=6|start_year=1923}}) a week. The Commission's minimum rate for such work was $9 (now roughly ${{Inflation|index=US|value=9|start_year=1923}}) per week.<ref>{{Cite book|url=https://books.google.ca/books?id=xCdLAQAAMAAJ|title=Appendix to the Journals of the Senate and Assembly of the Legislature of the State of California|date=1927|publisher=State Printing Office|year=|isbn=|volume=4|location=Sacramento|pages=18|language=en}} {{PD notice}}</ref>
== California State Senate ==
The California State Senate met on a biennial basis in the early 20th century. West represented the 14th senate district, then centered in [[Alameda, California|Alameda]], in 1923,<ref>{{cite book|last=|first=|url=https://clerk.assembly.ca.gov/sites/clerk.assembly.ca.gov/files/archive/FinalHistory/1923/23_sh_45s.PDF|title=Senate Final History, 45th Session|date=1923|publisher=State Printing Office|year=|isbn=|editor-last=Beek|editor-first=Joseph A.|location=Sacramento|page=6|pages=|editor-last2=Macdonald|editor-first2=J. T.}}</ref> 1925,<ref>{{cite book|last=|first=|url=https://clerk.assembly.ca.gov/sites/clerk.assembly.ca.gov/files/archive/FinalHistory/1925/25_sh_46s.PDF|title=Senate Final History, 46th Session|date=1925|publisher=State Printing Office|year=|isbn=|editor-last=Beek|editor-first=Joseph A.|location=Sacramento|page=6|pages=|editor-last2=Lindersmith|editor-first2=W. R.}}</ref> 1927,<ref>{{cite book|url=https://clerk.assembly.ca.gov/sites/clerk.assembly.ca.gov/files/archive/FinalHistory/1927/27_sh_47s.PDF|title=Senate Final History, 47th Session|date=1927|publisher=State Printing Office|editor-last=Beek|editor-first=Joseph A.|location=Sacramento|page=6|editor-last2=Ohnimus|editor-first2=Arthur A.}}</ref> and 1929.<ref>{{cite book|url=https://clerk.assembly.ca.gov/sites/clerk.assembly.ca.gov/files/archive/FinalHistory/1929/29_sh_48s.PDF|title=Senate Final History, 48th Session|date=1929|publisher=State Printing Office|editor-last=Mason|editor-first=Paul|location=Sacramento|page=6}}</ref>
West was a member of the [[Republican Party (United States)|Republican Party]].<ref>{{cite book|last=Curry|first=C. F.|url=https://archive.org/details/statementofvoteo1886cali/page/n366/mode/1up|title=Statement of the Vote of California at the General Election Held November 8, 1910|publisher=State Printing Office|location=Sacramento|page=44}}</ref>
In 1925, West sponsored a bill that would have allowed the state legislature to amend laws passed under California's [[California ballot proposition|initiative and referendum]] process. It failed to pass.<ref>{{cite news|date=March 6, 1925|title=Amendment Initiative Act Tabled|page=2|work=[[Los Angeles Times]]|id=[[ProQuest]] document ID 161617330}}</ref> That year, [[Billboard (magazine)|''Billboard'']] also commended West as an advocate for the entertainment industry in the State Senate.<ref>{{cite journal|date=April 4, 1925|title=Hostile Measures Defeated in California|journal=[[Billboard (magazine)|Billboard]]|volume=36|issue=4|page=80|id=[[ProQuest]] document ID 1031742665}}</ref>
In 1929, West sponsored a bill to implement [[Daylight saving time in the United States|daylight saving time]] in California. It was voted down in committee.<ref>{{cite news|date=March 26, 1929|title=California Clocks to Stay Put|page=1|work=[[Los Angeles Times]]|id=[[ProQuest]] document ID 162165013}}</ref>
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